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Age By Age Guide to The Costs of Raising a Baby

Alison Wood |12, April 2013


Raising kids can be wreck havoc on your bank account if you're not careful. But, exactly how much does it cost to raise an infant in comparison with a preschooler? Here are some ideas of the expenses involved at every age from birth to the preschool years. These are only estimates as prices and expenses can vary per household.

Newborn to six months old:

Are both parents going to work full-time outside the home? If so, you have to consider the most major expense during infancy—daycare. The average yearly costs for a day care center in the U.S. is ,000 per year.

Baby Formula.
The second most major expense for the average parent of an infant is the cost of infant formula. Formulas can differ in price, but the average family with a newborn or infant will spend about 0 per month on formula. This does not include the bottles and other feeding accessories.

Hospital bills.
If your insurance does not cover the entire cost of the hospital bill for the birth of your baby, then you may still have a good chunk of money to hand over. After prenatal visits, blood work, ultrasounds and delivery, the entire cost for a hospital birth is around ,000. Most insurances cover a good bit, but you may need to budget and save to cover the remaining costs.

The majority of Americans choose disposable diapers for convenience. But there is also hefty price tag for this modern convenience. About 0 per month will be the cost of diapers during the first six months of life. This price can vary as well based on your baby's needs and on the brand you choose.

Baby gear.
Car seats, strollers, cribs and port-a-cribs can really add up! If you purchase every thing new, the equipment for babyhood will cost you several thousands of dollars. After the baby showers are over, consider purchasing any other needed items second hand. Many people have baby equipment that is gently used and they want it off their hands. Take advantage of that problem and help them out!

Well baby check-ups.
You'll be making more visits to the pediatrician than you could ever imagine! Well baby check-ups during the first six months of life are scheduled very often. The average well-baby check-up is estimated at 0 if you do not currently have health insurance. Again, this differs from state to state and practice to practice.

Saving Money in Baby's First Year

Six months to One-year- old.

This will still be a major investment if you continue to use childcare for your little one. Child-care costs can vary greatly if a nanny, grandparent or family friend is chosen to aid in the day-to-day care of your little one.

At this time, your little one will be growing by leaps and bounds. As your bambino begins to reach 10 months old, you will also begin looking for the perfect walking shoe. Shoes, socks and comfy, correctly-fitting clothes are important during these months of optimum growth and learning. Check out second-hand stores, clearance racks and sales to help your little one find the perfect clothes for his or her personality. The average cost for a baby's clothing needs is approximately per month.

Baby food.
Convenient jarred baby food can add up fast as many jars cost about .00 a piece. This could average out to about per week.

Well-baby check-ups are still scheduled and recommended, but are less frequent at this age. Average cost is still the same as the infant check-up.


Still a major cost for this age.

Your little one is still growing, but has slowed down a good bit. The average cost for a toddler's clothing needs is 0 per season.

Toddlers are learning and soaking up any information available. You will want to purchase educational toys and books to encourage this learning spurt. The average learning toy costs between and . Books are around -.

A larger home.
Your infant could easily room-in with you. But, now your little one is gaining independence and you don't want to stunt this desire. Adding an additional bedroom or scouting for a larger home is typical for a family with children. These costs vary too great to give an average cost.


This is the age when the child-care cost could drop as you may choose to put your child into Pre-K classes and only pay for an after-school care program.

If you decide to place your child in a private school or home-school, the price will be higher than parents that choose to send their children to a public school. Private schools can range from ,000-,000 per year and home-school costs can range from 0-,000 per year.

Bikes and riding toys.
As your child gets bigger, so do the toys. Now your child will be interested in enjoying the great outdoors even more than before. Purchase bikes, wagons, pools, balls and all kinds of fun equipment for outside play. Depending on your choices, the costs involved in purchasing outside recreational toys could range from 0-,000. It adds up quick!

Raising kids is quite an expense, so plan and budget carefully for a more secure financial future for your family.

Alison Wood is a stay-at-home mom of six and freelance writer and blogger. She enjoys raising her six children and desires to share her experiences to help other mothers.

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