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2013 Baby Naming Trends

Alison Wood |13, April 2013


What does the baby-naming trend look like for 2013? The sky is the limit this year! Anything from modern and edgy to names fit for a king are being predicted as major hits with new parents for 2013.

For the past two years, Isabella has topped the charts for most favorite baby girl names. Isabella is an Italian name that means God's oath. Close behind the Italian name are names like Emma, Millie, Sophia, Emily and Charlotte. These girly names are expressing the fact that femininity is still a hit with moms of this generation!

For boys, the top three names are Jacob, Mason and Liam. Following close behind are names like Max, Aiden, Mo, Ned and Gus. Notice anything? The boy names are predictably short for this year. One-syllable and catchy. Not a lot of traditional names for the boys predicted on the charts this year.

Parents are also being noted as desiring to name their kids after seasons and states. Experts hypothesize that many moms will follow Reese Witherspoon's lead and name their kids after a state or city. Think Carolina, Georgia, Virginia or Montana. Inspired by their favorite seasons, some parents may opt for names like Winter, Autumn and Snow.

Colors are also being suggested as great hits with the baby name trends this year. Following several celebrities leads, names like Violet, Olive, Jade, Blue Ivy, Hunter and Emerald may splash the birth announcements in the near future.

The 2011 wedding of William (English, German, protector) and Kate (English, pure) sent English names to the top hot spots of the most popular baby names list last year, and undoubtedly will send English names soaring the numbers again. Many people guesstimate that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will choose the name Diana (Latin, divine) for a girl, or one of William's names for a boy. William's full name is William Arthur Philip Louis. Quite a mouthful, but regal all the same!

Remember when you heard your grandparents' names and could taste mothballs in your mouth? Yep, you remember! Well, those classic names from generations ago are making a comeback! So, maybe their names weren't too ancient after all. Look for Ann, Ellie and Betty to grace the clear, plastic bassinets in the hospital nurseries. These names will be up-to-date, yet a family heirloom from generations past. Including a family name in a baby's name has been a past-time for centuries.

What's in a name? Meanings of names are still a major decision maker for families today. Ask yourself what name best reflects your family's values, traditions and beliefs? As far as the meaning of names, here are some names to consider.

Girls Names:

Abigail (Father's Joy)
Anna (Full of grace)
Charity (Love)
Sarah (Princess)
Bella (Beautiful)
Sophia (Wisdom)
Ava (Life)
Ella (Beautiful fairy)

Boys Names:

Noah (Peaceful, restful)
Ethan (Strong)
David (Beloved)
Arthur (Noble strength)

Have fun in picking your little one's name this year, and don't worry if the name you choose doesn't make the top ten list! As long as you choose the baby name that most speaks to your heart, then it is the right one for your tiny bambino. Follow the trends or be different. Whichever name you choose, let it reflect who you are and who you desire your child to become.

Alison Wood is a stay-at-home mom of six and freelance writer and blogger. She enjoys raising her six children and desires to share her experiences to help other mothers.

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