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8 Maternity Style Do's and Don'ts

Katlyn Joy |29, April 2013


You may have a finely tuned sense of style until the baby bump becomes more of a bump. Then it's sort of like dressing a watermelon. However, there are ways to look fashionable and still sport your bump.

1. Build a firm and comfy foundation.

Get yourself a few great bras that will accommodate the girls as they grow. Get more than one type as your favorite now may become less so as your pregnancy progresses. Make sure your bra fits well, that you are well supported, the straps aren't digging trenches into your back and that you aren't popping out anywhere. Comfort is an overwhelming concern here, so opt for fabrics that are breathable and non-scratchy. Underwire may be a necessity for you blessed gals, but if you don't need that extra support you may find it uncomfortable as well as unnecessary now.

For panties, it's a personal choice. Thong lovers will find they may only need to go up a size or perhaps two, but the cut avoids contact with your tummy. Some women like good old pregnancy drawers, and while you can't get more granny panty than that, if you like them, wear them guiltlessly. You may find what you used to find comfy is no longer a good match so buy a couple different styles and cuts to see what works. What to avoid? Anything without a cotton crotch or liner, and nothing that will make you cry if you find your bloody show in them. For instance, a pair of fancy lace ones are bad bets because you will encounter extra ickiness during pregnancy.

2. Forget the usual fashion rules.

Pregnancy is not a time to look like an undertaker, so even though you have heard endless times how black is slimming, a maternity wardrobe dominant in the tone is way too somber for someone in a wonderful time of her life. Likewise, you've avoided horizontal stripes because you think they make you look fat. Not while pregnant. Those stripes will help slim you now. Also, if you usually skip all-over patterned dresses or tops, change it up. An all-over floral pulls the focus away from only your boobs or belly.

3. Silhouettes that hug or cling to your baby bump are fashionable and flattering for preggos.

Gone are the days when a woman hides her pregnant tummy under yards of fabric, bows or jackets. Try a knit top that hugs your roundness, go for wrap dresses or shirts with rouched sides. Your pregnant figure looks lovely in styles that put your belly out front. If it seems overwhelming, then break up the look with a long jacket or sweater.

4. Find a perfect pair of jeans.

And buy at least two pair. Jeans are clothing staples and during pregnancy is no exception. A darker hue gives you more options, as they can be more easily dressed up than a faded wash style. Try one many different types. Some will have broad elastic waistbands that fit just under your belly, while others have adjustable waistbands. A nice boot cut will work well for a polished look if paired with a nice top and accessorized well.

5. Skinny pants are a must.

May be odd to think that while you weigh your most, skinny pants will be most flattering. Go for denim or colored jeans if you prefer but skinny pants matched with a nice tunic length top are fashion forward maternity styles that pretty much any woman will look good in.

6. Learn new ways to accessorize.

During your maternity time you can wear a sharp belt above or below your belly. Don't shy away from shimmery styles either. Do you usually shy away from big chunky necklaces? You may find they look perfect with your new wardrobe and body. If you're a fan of teeny-tiny purses, you may want to upgrade to a bigger bag, too. It may look like a toy if you try to carry a small clutch.

7. Look for pieces that will work in layers.

Your thermostat is quite unreliable while growing a baby. You might go out thinking it's bitterly cold, only to find that at your office you are now sweltering. Layering is a wonderful way to go to accommodate your moody temperatures.

8. Forget the high heels.

Likewise anything that is at all restrictive, as your feet will not only swell but grow, possibly permanently. Wear shoes that fit you well and don't pinch anywhere. Best are shoes that are supportive as your feet will take a beating during pregnancy. Forget shoes that give you no arch support or ones with slick bottoms. Your coordination is not ideal as your pregnancy progresses.

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