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Summer Travel Tips for Expectant Moms

Katlyn Joy |30, April 2013


Summer vacation time is looming close and you may want to get out while you are still a couple rather than a family. However, you need to plan a good trip that is safe and fun.

Talk to your doctor first.
Discuss your vacation plans before you put down that deposit money. You want to make sure the timing is OK and the destination is appropriate. Your healthcare provider can give you advice on how to take it easy, when to call for help, and what items you should take. Is it safe to fly for instance? Your doctor can clue you in.

Traveling Safely During Pregnancy

Decide on a length of time to go away.
A weekend may be too short while two weeks may be longer than you can handle now. Depending on where you are in your pregnancy, the length of the trip may be major consideration.

Choose a good destination.
If you are in early pregnancy and still susceptible to morning sickness, then going to a foreign country where water is iffy if a very bad idea. If you are considering a warm climate spot, find out just how hot the weather may be this time of year. If you are pregnant, you may not handle the heat well. Plus too much sun is a no-no.

Opt for a relaxed pace rather than a hectic whirlwind of a trip.
The point of a vacation is to enjoy yourself and pushing yourselves to exhaustion is not the way. Make sure you plan for plenty of downtime each day.

Drink plenty of water.
If possible, bring your own water bottle and never let it get empty. You need to stay hydrated and pregnant women can have real problems with this. Travel with more drinks than you'll need, just to be safe.

Bring your insurance and medical info with you.
Find out where you're doctor wants you to go if you should have a problem. If you start cramping while in another state, you don't want to waste time playing phone tag.

Pack healthy snacks for your trip.
You don't want to fall into a junk food trap or you'll end up spending your vacation miserable and possibly in the bathroom. You aren't taking a vacation from your pregnancy so keep your eating regime as normal as possible even if away from home.

Put your feet up every few hours.
You are prone to swelling so be kind to your tootsies and prop'em up often. Or be even kinder and pack some foot cream or soaks.

Get up and move around every hour or so.
This is true whether you are flying, driving or riding a train or at sea. You will get crampy, stiff, and risk blood clots if you stay in one position for an extended period of time. Just build in the extra time if you are driving. Do not avoid drinking as required just because you know you'll need a potty break.

Savor your time together as a couple.
That means some slow quiet dinners and maybe some romance back at the room. Soon enough your days will be quite the opposite of that, so relish it all now.

Take lots of photos. Don't worry that a child may call you a whale while at the beach.
You will love seeing the photos later, and your child will one day love seeing his or her first vacation, even though the view at the time was not great.

Bring comfy items and any medications you may need.
Bring your fuzzy slippers for the room, your sleep mask and your white noise machine if possible. You need good rest and healthy sleep while vacationing. If you have frequent heartburn, bring your antacid so you don't have to waste time finding the closest pharmacy.

Skip thrill rides, undercooked meats, and horseback riding.
There are some activities that are not permissible for pregnant women. If you are unsure, ask your physician don't just shrug and go for it. Sorry, no skydiving this time. You will have plenty of non-pregnant trips ahead of you for such thrill-seeking.

Smell the roses.
Let your pregnancy give you the chance to enjoy things you may normally not even try. Never go to art museums, or historic sites? Try them. Haven't been to the botanical garden or gone on a tour of the old side of town? Here's your chance to learn something, linger longer and generally take the slow lane for once.

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