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Pregnancy Hair Care Tips

Katlyn Joy | 7, May 2013


During pregnancy your hormones throw everything off, and that includes your hair. You've heard about the glow of pregnancy, which is when your skin has a nice sheen due to increased oil production. However for some people that glow becomes acne. The same is true with hair, the hormonal changes may make your hair look better than ever before or you may want to wear hats through the third trimester.

During pregnancy your hormones will increase oil production and the texture of your hair may change. If you have curly hair naturally, during pregnancy it may become curlier or straight. If you have fine hair, you might start seeing more coarse hairs. If you used to need volume boosting hair products, you may find the need for it stops sometime during the second trimester.

Most women notice their hair becomes fuller, shinier and more voluminous. Occasionally women will have some thinning or brittleness. Vitamins may play a role in this, so watch your diet to make sure you aren't deficient in some area.

Some women may also find that their hair grows at a faster rate during at least part of pregnancy. After giving birth, you may fear you're going bald, as you will lose the increase rather suddenly. Your hairbrush will be so full you will think something bad is happening. Don't worry, in a few weeks life will return to normal.

If your hair is so thick it's becoming out of control, consider trying a different hairstyle that works better with your thick locks. Long hair may work better for you. Try frizz reducing shampoos, conditioners and styling aids.

Know that dampness will increase the frizz and fly aways. For that reason when blow drying, get your hair completely dry on a warm setting and finish with a cool setting to let the cuticle lie flat.

If you have oily hair, you may need to wash more frequently and use a shampoo for oily hair. Be careful not to weigh hair down with too many hair products which will increase the greasy look.

Besides these changes, don't be surprised if you start seeing hair sprouting more in places you'd rather not such as on your face, your pubic region, your tummy and so on. Don't worry, you won't turn Sasquatch and after delivery things will return to normal.

So can I perm or color my hair while pregnant? Well, the simple answer isn't simple. Most experts don't believe there is much risk in chemical hair treatments but why risk it at all? There are natural options to try during pregnancy, and after the baby you can look forward to giving yourself a nice big makeover. Don't use products that touch the scalp, to be safest. If you are flipping out because your hair is turning gray at a rapid clip, then at least wait until the first trimester is over before trying a gentle color to cover those silvery strands. Go with wash out or temporary colors. These are safe and easy to use, plus if they don't turn out the best, you won't have to live with them until your hair grows out.

Adjust to your new hair by realizing it's a temporal thing. Have fun trying out new styles, and don't despair over bad hair days. Don't be afraid to change up your style. Experiment with styles, hair products and never overlook simple fixes such as ponytails and barrettes. As your face becomes fuller in pregnancy, different hair styles will be complementary to your face shape. After the baby comes, you will be happy to have the time to look in the mirror and brush your hair at all. Most women end up with brand new styles while the baby is a newborn. Most opt for a simple and easy to manage style that fits into the new mom's busy schedule and overwhelming fatigue.

Recognize your 'real' hair will return by baby's first birthday, so be ready for some gradual changes until then. Watch your diet after baby is born, too. Getting adequate nutrition especially vitamin B and iron will go a long way in rebuilding your tresses.

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