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How Do Celebrities Lose the Weight So Fast After Baby?

Katlyn Joy | 6, June 2013


Is it easy, a sort of celebrity-beautiful-lucky people gift? Do they posses more discipline than the average person? Is it smoke and mirrors? Do they have the money to buy the best things to help them lose weight that ordinary people just can't hope to have?

Well, the answer is yes. To all of them, depending on who you're talking about and who you ask. But this isn't going to be a simple bash the celebrity article. Or oooh and ahh the celebrity article, either. Let's look at the accomplishments of getting your body back in light of the methods undertaken to achieve it and decide for yourself what's best and what's bad.

Jessica Alba

Alba remarked to reporters weeks after giving birth to her second child in 2011 that she wasn't doing anything "hardcore." Fast-forward a year or so and Alba then admits she wore a double-corset night and day for three months and that while it was sweaty and brutal it was "worth it."

In an interview, Alba told Lucky magainze she had "1200 calorie meals delivered" to her while still pregnant admitting she was essentially starving herself since she has trouble with portion control.

Her results are impressive, true. But slashing prenatal calories to an unhealthy level and wearing double corsets? Appearance: A Healthy: F.

Drew Barrymore

Recently seen in a respectable one-piece swimsuit five months after giving birth to first child, Olive Barrymore refused to play the coy skinny celeb. She says she never had a beach body and that while she is now about to the same level she was pre-pregnancy, she isn't obsessed with fitness and health. She lives a sensible lifestyle and doesn't give in to crazy celeb diets and instead is focused on her time with her new daughter, time she refers to as "sacred." Barrymore also confessed to wearing Spanx post-baby for a more svelte silhouette.

While her appearance may not land her on the hottest bodies post-baby list, it's doubtful she cares and why should anyone else? She looks healthy and is a happy mommy. That's A++ in my book.

Niki Taylor

This former supermodel and contestant on the reality show, Celebrity Apprentice, lost 59 pounds in 2010. She did so in a realistic 10 month period, by eating really healthy especially by eating broiled chicken in coconut oil and oatmeal with berries. Nearly 60 pounds is a big weight goal and Taylor worked hard by making real changes in her lifestyle that she found sustainable. She didn't starve herself however. If she breaks down and eats dessert, she simply works out an extra 30 minutes that day.


The music superstar had to lose 57 pounds within 3 months because she had her first show scheduled for then. She regrets having pushed herself so far so fast, but admits she is not naturally thin or in shape and must work hard to maintain her curves. She credits working out, cutting out pasta and breastfeeding. Her diet consists of egg whites for breakfast, veggie smoothies, whole grain cereal with low fat milk and lunches and dinners with little or no red meat. She instead eats fish and veggies. Her indulgence? Sunday is a worry-free zone for eating and her main weakness is pizza.

Isla Fisher

Actress Fisher admits she's never struggled much with weight but credits breastfeeding and Spanx with her in shape figure after she second child.

Brooke Burke

The actress admits binding her tummy for 40 days post-baby to get back to her thin pre-baby body. She believes so much in the process she developed her own product for others moms to use. She says while it isn't the most fun or comfortable device, she believes in it.

Other Celebs

Some crazy methods include juicing diets, limiting diets to only five handfuls of food a day, or only eating one meal and supplementing with several raisins a DAY for snacks. Starving yourself before baby even arrives seems to be the newest trend to keep your body in control.

However, it doesn't take much common sense to realize that starving yourself before or after baby arrives, getting tummy tucks in the delivery room or working out several hours a day are foolish and dangerous. However it shows that even the famous, rich and beautiful feel tremendous pressure to measure up to unrealistic demands. And they have the benefit of cooks, trainers, and photoshop.

Katlyn Joy is a mother to 7 children, and a freelance writer. She earned her Master of Arts in Creative Writing and Poetry, and a Bachelor of Arts in English and was previously an adviser to new mothers on breastfeeding through a maternity home program. She currently resides in Colorado with her family.

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