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Trying to Conceive: Coping During the Two Week Wait

Alison Wood |14, June 2013


The anxious time between ovulation and the first day of your expected cycle can be quite frustrating. If you are trying to conceive those 14 days of waiting can seem like an eternity. If you have been presently undergoing fertility treatments then the wait can be even more unnerving. Many women question whether this time was successful or if they can afford another trip to the fertility clinic. Trying to conceive can be quite a costly venture and it can wreck havoc on your emotions. Is it possible to survive the two weeks of waiting without having a nervous breakdown? Here are some tips to make your waiting a little easier.

Fill up your calendar
Staying busy is a tried and true method to keeping your mind off unpleasant thoughts. Call up some friends and schedule some get togethers. Have some unfinished projects around the house? Plan on completing them during the next two weeks. Having a full schedule can keep your mind running in different directions other than conceiving a baby.

Forget the symptoms.
Was that a bit of nausea you just felt? Your breasts seem a little bit more tender to the touch lately. Just can't seem to get enough rest! If these thoughts stagger through your mind don't dwell on them. Women's hormones can fluctuate during this time and can cause some false pregnancy symptoms. You never want to get your hopes up only to have them dashed by a negative pregnancy test. Instead, let yourself be delightfully surprised if you are indeed experiencing pregnancy symptoms.

Breathe deep.
If you do tend to get overly anxious during the two week waiting period, take time to breathe slowly and deliberately. Breathing deep is a natural method to calm your nerves and anxiety. Take at least ten breaths and inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth slowly. Try to clear your mind of any stressful thoughts and completely relax your body.

Wait it out.
Don't rush to the pharmacy and purchase a pregnancy test too soon. If you take a pregnancy test before your first day of your anticipated cycle, you could receive a false positive. This would only prove to be more heart-breaking then receiving a valid negative result. Simply wait until a few days after your expected period and then take your pregnancy test and follow up with a blood test if your result is positive.

Connect with others.
Seek out other ladies that have had to endure the two week waiting period of "what ifs". It is always comforting to hear success stories as well as hear from women who were unable to conceive and how they coped with their disappointments. There are many trying to conceive message boards online you can check into as well. There are people out there struggling to conceive just like you. Draw strength and wisdom from these ladies!

Create a plan.
During your most active fertility thought time, go ahead and write out a plan for a positive or negative result. For instance, if you do not conceive, decide what steps you will take to ease the pain. Should you plan a few days to get away? Should you plan a few quiet days at home with your spouse? Also, if you do conceive when do you announce the pregnancy? Do you wait it out until you are in the safe zone or do you announce it to everyone on social media? Also, do you want your spouse by your side when you find out the results or would you rather find out privately and then relay the information? Preparing and organizing these thoughts and actions beforehand can help you stay focused and in control when you do receive the news, good or bad.

Pamper yourself.
The two week waiting period is an emotionally and physically strenuous time. Pamper yourself during these two weeks to make the trip more fun and less frustrating. Get a facial, curl up with your favorite book, take a day off from all housework, get your nails done or eat some expensive chocolate. Whatever is a simple pleasure in your life, enjoy it these two weeks.

Protect yourself.
Don't plan on any baby showers during those two weeks and the few weeks after. Seeing others sporting the baby bump is not always the most comforting site for a woman who is desperately trying to conceive a new little life. If you are cordially invited to attend a celebration of a pregnancy or baby's birth, just be upfront and honest and discuss to them your anxieties about coming during this time. It is better to be up-front and honest then hide your feelings. You will most likely receive warm wishes and understanding nods. However if you just cut others off during their days of happiness without an explanation you could hurt some of your most special relationships.

Feel free to leave comments to let us know if any of these tips worked for you and how you dealt with the positive or negative news after trying to conceive.

Alison Wood is a stay-at-home mom of six and freelance writer and blogger. She enjoys raising her six children and desires to share her experiences to help other mothers.

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