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How to Sooth Your Crying Baby

Alison Wood |30, July 2013


While others may dream of pay raises, a new car or a new home, you only have one goal in mind — peace and quiet. Your baby is beyond adorable. She has the cutest dimples, brightest blue eyes and tiniest hands that grip around your pinky finger. You are enjoying the snuggling and cuddling, but the dark circles under your eyes shout to the world that you are seeking quiet and rest.

Babies are naturally fussy, and it takes a little time to figure out what makes them upset and what makes them content. Right now you are wondering if your baby will ever be happy and quiet. Here are some tips to help soothe your little one as well as help you find peace and quiet in your new life as as parent.

Babies have been tightly curled in the womb for an extended period of time. Recreate this feeling by learning how to swaddle your infant. Some infants fall fast asleep once swaddled. It's sort of a little trick that moms have used for centuries! Just in case you missed the prenatal lessons on swaddling, here is a quick and simple tutorial:

First, choose a thin, yet soft blanket that is large enough to swaddle your little one. Next, lay the blanket in a diamond shape on the bed or floor. Now, fold the top corner down and place your bambino on top. Then, pull one side of blanket across baby's chest and tuck under the opposite arm. Next, fold the bottom of the blanket over your munchkin's feet and tuck behind her shoulder. Finally, pull remaining side of blanket across the baby's chest and tuck underneath.

It's not a rare occurrence for a new baby to have trapped gas. Just because you are breast-feeding does not mean your baby is not gassy. Whether you are bottle or breast-feeding, ensure that you have adequately burped your little one. Try different positions until your bambino seems relieved. Some babies burp fast and easy. Others require a little bit more prodding and patience from the parents.

If there is lots of noise in the room, grab your bundle and head elsewhere. Crowded birthday parties, events or other gatherings can create a lot of noise. Even an over- bunched restaurant with all the dishes clanging, people chatting and bright lights can frustrate and upset your bambino. Politely excuse yourself and seek out a quiet and serene spot. Once your infant is asleep, you can probably return to the crowded area as babies typically sleep sounds once they have entered their deep sleep.

Your baby gets hungry too! Two and three hours do seem a little much for adults, but for babies, they need to be fed every 2-3 hours throughout the day. If this amount of time has already lapsed, your baby is probably massively hungry and nothing else in this world matters at this moment in time. Get some food to your baby and calm will be restored!

Babies enjoy motion. Enjoy these days of little hands, tiny feet and super-soft baby skin. Leave the dishes in the sink and rock your little one. If you are super-busy, try placing her in a swing while you get your jobs done. Motion, whether it is from a bouncy seat, swing or rocking can soothe a baby quickly.

Little ones' skin is very delicate and sensitive to moisture. A dirty or wet diaper can be the ultimate nightmare for an infant. Don't forget to regularly change your infant as well as check for dirty diapers when your baby begins to fuss. During the first few months of life, breast-fed babies can dirty insanely huge amounts of diapers. Don't think it is impossible that your baby is dirty again if you changed her 10 minutes ago. Go ahead and check it out. You may be unpleasantly surprised!

Do you enjoy feeling clean and fresh? So do babies! Try giving your baby a warm-calming bath and a set of fresh clothes to soothe her crankiness. Babies tend to do better with bathing if baths are given after feeding. After you have fed, bathed and changed your infant, you may have a great-smelling, content and cuddly little one on your hands.

Touch has amazing effects on infants. Show your care to your little one by massaging her hands, feet and back. Gentle, circular motions are great for little ones. If you're baby is old enough, you can even rub in some baby, aromatherapy lotion during the massage.

If after trying all the above methods and your baby is still fussy, you may want to call your pediatrician for a check-up. If babies are not naturally soothed by the above methods, there may be some underlying medical cause for his or her discomfort.

Alison Wood is a stay-at-home mom of six and freelance writer and blogger. She enjoys raising her six children and desires to share her experiences to help other mothers.

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