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Planning a Great Babymoon For Just the Two of You

Katlyn Joy |26, August 2013


We've all heard of honeymoons, but the new buzzword is "babymoon". Call it a last hurrah if you will, but it is essentially a last getaway for couples before baby arrives and you are now a family of three, or more, depending on your circumstances.

The reasoning behind such trips is simple. Once the baby arrives you will be low on time, energy, and likely finances. You will be on duty 24/7 and it's unlikely you'll be able to steal away for anything more than a shower for weeks. Eventually, you'll grab a nice dinner together and for those lucky couples, maybe a movie. But serious eyeball to eyeball, let's talk about grown up stuff and have some romantic moments time will be scarcer than ice cubes in Hades.

Traveling Safe During Pregnancy

For the best babymoon, you want to skip the harshest weeks of pregnancy. For most, that means forget the first trimester when your energy will be sapped and your morning sickness at its zenith. It's also generally frowned upon to do real travel in your final weeks. Your safest bet is the second trimester when you are likely not to feel so swollen, achy, ill or miserable.

Doctors are usually most comfortable giving the go-ahead for trips in the second trimester. Your body will have become adjusted to pregnancy and you will be past the danger of miscarriage, but not in a likely period for preterm labor. Certain high risk conditions may require special considerations such as if you have had a premature labor previously or special issues such as placental problems or bleeding.

Discuss with your doctor your travel plans, including where you plan to go, when you plan to go and what you'll be doing while away. Get your medical records, all pertinent office numbers, insurance info and such. Your physician may help you locate the nearest hospital or doctor's office to your destination, and provide you with names and numbers.

Foreign destinations take special planning and should be carefully prepared for. If you go somewhere where immunizations are required for travel, discuss the options with your doctor. If traveling somewhere where water safety is an issue, you need to make certain you can easily obtain bottled water and eat foods that will be prepared safely as well. If it is too much of a concern, then you may want to consider choosing another location and save this location another time.

Also, don't forget about destination concerns in timing. For instance, going to a tropical location in the height of hurricane season is more than a little dicey while pregnant. Better to wait until another time for that.

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Unless you are a special, hardy-sort, camping vacations are unlikely to top your most-desired list. But if you cannot afford four-star accommodations, it doesn't mean you're out of luck. Just do your homework and make sure you know exactly what your resort, hotel or inn is like, what amenities it offers, and where it's located.

If you are staying at a sprawling resort, request a room near your transportation and most needed facilities such as the pool or the restaurants. You don't want to be exhausted from merely crisscrossing from your room to the pool to the bus.

If at a hotel, request a quiet room not near the elevators, the arcade or any other congested, busy area. Ask for a room with a view if that will not disturb your sleep. The view may be serene, such as looking over the beach, or noisy such as looking over the busy scenic street.

Find out whether the hotel offers king-sized beds for added comfort. A bed with nice, upgraded linens will also go a long way toward keeping you happy. Also, check to see if there is a kitchenette or other such amenities available. Having a mini-fridge so you can keep bottled water stocked and chilled at all times will be a blessing to you on a trip.

If you need a handicapped room so that you don't have to worry about stairs, request it well in advance and call ahead about a week before arriving to confirm your special requests will be met.

The Itinerary

Even if you book the right resort in the right destination city and go at the perfect moment in your pregnancy, your trip will be a bust if you fill your days the wrong way. The aim is to relax and reconnect with your loved one. You don't need to explore every corner of the old town or hike every trail of the national park. Keep your expectations simple and low. You should be able to spend some time lounging by a pool or a garden, then make a quick ride up the street or into town to see some sights. If you are walking, remember to pace yourself. Take plenty of pictures and drink lots of water.

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Don't forget to carve out time for an important pastime: sleep! You will find it a treasure in months to come, and you likely need it more than ever in your life already, so don't feel you are wasting your time napping and sleeping in.

The other big pastime is couple time, in all its wonderful forms. Conversation, affection, laughter, and lovemaking are all essential components of the babymoon. Take your time and enjoy each other at a leisurely pace.

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