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10 Maternity Fashion Looks for Fall 2013

Katlyn Joy |30, August 2013


Fashion and maternity may not be two words you think are connected, but today they can and should be. Pregnancy is no time to give up and wear your husband's sweatpants. You can be stylish and comfortable while growing a baby.

Some general tips are to follow fashion trends that fit you and your individual style and taste. If you hate nautical-inspired looks or despise animal prints, then don't wear them to be in style. You should take what you like from the hot new looks and adapt it to you. Don't force yourself into a style that feels foreign. That doesn't mean never trying anything new, or wearing yoga pants every day. Just be you and fashionable.

Here are some new looks for maternity this fall:

1. Tailored jackets. While an all-over tailored look is hot with the non-preggos this fall, you can take what works best with your silhouette and don a smart, tailored jacket. Wear it with crisp dark jeans, a skirt or over a dress.

2. Chunky necklaces. Avoid the huge clunky ones that form ropes of boulders. Should you wear that it will compete with your belly for dominance. Instead opt for a nice medium-sized necklace of colored stones and with an architectural flair.

3. Dark skinny jeans. Forgo the flair or the faded jeans and especially the deconstructed look. The jeans you must have this fall are in deep even navy blue or black hues and figure hugging. Everything looks sharper with these jeans. Just choose some with a nice supporting waistline that will accommodate your new tummy.

4. Vegan leather. No, don't eat them. Vegan or faux leather is showing up all over, in bottoms like leggings, in jackets and in tops. Pick and choose so you don't go overboard as a potential biker mama. But it's OK to add a little sexy spice to your wardrobe even when pregnant. (How did you get that way, in the first place?)

5. Animal prints. Again, use sparingly. Don't go head to toe zebra or cheetah prints. It's just too much! Instead, use a scarf or top with the print, or perhaps a skirt.

6. Tie-front blouse. Consider it an upgrade from the old-fashioned bow. Today's tie-front blouses are professional and neat looking, never frumpy. Choose one in white for maximum usage.

7. Long-sleeve maxi dresses. Did you love the sleeveless summer version? Then go ahead and enjoy this autumn version. Maxis are wonderful for maternity wear, so comfy and forgiving while attractive.

8. Cool boots. Steer clear of thin high heeled sorts, and stick with flats or solid thicker low heeled versions. They will dress up jeans, skirts and dresses. Just be sure to try on boots later in the afternoon when your feet are at their biggest.

9. Long fitted sweaters in bold jewel tones. These figure hugging sweaters emphasize your pregnant belly, so start wearing them in mid-trimester for best effect. You don't want to hide your ultra-fem figure.

10. Horizontal striped tops. Wear them in big or small versions of stripes, but in a material and cut that clings to you. No flouncy tops that look more like tents than tops.

Other Maternity Fashion Tips

Forget bleaching or dying your hair and go with a nice gentle rinse or temp color if anything. Your hair will go through as many changes during and after pregnancy as your waistline will. Just treat yourself to regular trims and a style that is simple to keep up with.

Make the most of your pregnancy glow by playing up your palette. Go with a more natural eye rather than a big smudged one that begs the question, "Have you been crying?" Pregnant women are already forever accused of over-emotionality. Wear a moisturizing tinted glaze on your lips.

Keep your face safe from the sun with moisturizing lotion with an SPF of at least 30. Remember to reapply as needed, too. You may need to switch up skin care regimes in pregnancy, as often clear skin gets pimpled and acne-prone skin may clear up due to hormones.

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