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Minimize Pregnancy Weight Gain By Moving More

Katlyn Joy | 3, September 2013


Gaining weight during pregnancy is unavoidable. You can make sure your weight goes where it should and keep your body fit by exercising. If you considering lifting a plate weight lifting and walking a workout prior to pregnancy, you definitely want to start gradually. However, don't think it's too late to start! Fitness is always in order, and it's always better late than never.

Exercising will better prepare you for birth, will help your baby to not be overweight, and help you shed those post-pregnancy pounds quicker. Plus you'll have less morning sickness, more energy and a better mood.

If you aren't a gym rat, don't despair. You can find plenty of simple activities around your home, or while your doing errands to fill the bill. All you really need to do is get your heart rate up, which doesn't require spending hours at the gym. Here are 16 ways to get moving!

1. Never ride the escalator or elevator.
Hit the stairs and keep it moving. This little activity Is unlikely to make you break a sweat, but you will still feel the effects and burn calories and only will take a few minutes more than the easy ride would have.

2. Play outside with the dog.
Don't just let him out, go out and toss a Frisbee or play tug-of-war with a rope. Get that heart rate up and let Fido have some fun too.

3. Park further out when shopping.
Of course, this is within safe means. Don't park on a deserted level of the parking garage when alone. However, don't circle the lot at the grocery store five times just waiting for a spot out front. Consider it some easy exercise time.

4. Put on a favorite CD and dance your heart out.
Gotta partner to boogie with? Cool! Home alone, maybe better yet. Just crank it up and dance around the house for 15 or 20 minutes or so. You'll get a workout and a lightened mood.

5. Clean with a dual purpose.
Vacuuming, scrubbing the floor, cleaning out the garage are all calorie burning activities. Don't make yourself overheated, however, as this is a real danger during pregnancy.

6. Go green and use a push rather than power mower.
You're no frail porcelain doll just because you're pregnant , so cut the grass, burn some calories and make your yard more attractive.

7. Head to the mall and shop, but then do a couple extra laps.
Walking in a cool environment is an especially good idea in the summer months, plus you can stop for a cool drink and people watch when you're done.

8. Enjoy a good roll in the sheets.
Sex burns calories, helps your mood and builds that bond with your sweety. Could exercise be better than this?

9. Play out in the sprinkler with your nieces and nephews or a designated kid.
Just make sure you have no-slip shoes on.

10. Walk to the library or bookstore, then make a return walk home.
Enjoy a good book You don't have to make your workouts long to be effective. You can also break them into two or three smaller workouts in a day.

11. Go out and rake the leaves or sweep out the garage.
You'll be pleased with all the results, knowing you burned some calories and made your home more attractive. And your husband will thank you too!

12. Surprise your man and wash the car.
You will cool off and clean all at once and you won't even feel like you're exercising.

13. Put in a pregnancy work-out DVD and get your heart rate up.
Trade DVDs with pregnant buddies or borrow some from the library to vary the workout and keep your attention.

14. Grab a mat and do some floor work with some yoga moves.
Yoga doesn't need to be strenuous to be effective. Just be sure to stay off your back and skip the inverted poses. To relieve stress, consider meditating afterward to calm your body, mind and spirit.

15. Sculpt a snowman, build a snow fort and enjoy a snowball fight.
For some outdoor winter exercise, mere play will do the trick and put a smile on your face. Just make sure to take some photos too!

16. Walk everywhere just a smidge faster.
Just upping your pace, lengthening your stride will painlessly boost your workout totals.

Practicing these tips will help you keep the unwanted weight off during pregnancy, keep you and your baby healthy, and help you prepare for an easier labor. Get out there and get moving!

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