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Dealing With Dreams & Nightmares in Pregnancy

Alison Wood |11, September 2013


Many women complain of strange dreams and nightmares during pregnancy. Most of them are first-time moms. Pregnancy is a time marked by myriads of changes. Hormone changes, appearance changes, emery-level changes, job changes and more can affect your dream time. First pregnancies are also full of so many "firsts" that the new changes and thoughts begin to consume their minds and even affect their sleep patterns and dreams.

Amazingly so, even daddies-to-be are effected by strange baby and pregnancy dreams as well! One Dad tells us of a dream he had while his wife was pregnant:

"My wife was expecting our first child. I knew very little about babies or pregnancy. When the pregnancy progressed, I experienced a nightmare that my wife thought was quite entertaining. In fact, when I shared with her my upsetting dream she did the unthinkable—she laughed at me! My dream consisted of playing with my new baby. It was a boy and he was very tiny, about the size of an adult's hand. I began to bounce him on the couch cushion and sing a silly song to him. Then, he fell between the cushions. My wife's brother came to visit and vacuumed up my son when he cleaned the couch cushions. Even though the dream was far from reality—it was still upsetting, and I wasn't even pregnant!"

For sure, dreams, whether realistic or not can affect our emotions and perception of reality. In fact, a nightmare or upsetting dream can put a damper on a woman's entire day. Women and men know that yes, it was just a dream, but the emotional scars can still be felt for several days.

Some common themes of dreams during pregnancy are:

  • Giving birth to a toddler, grown child or adult
  • Being paranoid about your changing body shape
  • Water themed dreams caused by increasing amniotic fluid
  • Weird-looking child
  • Fears about spouse's commitment to marriage and parenting
  • Baby animals

What can you do about nightmares and strange dreams during pregnancy?

Your thoughts and activities during the day do affect your visions in your sleeping head. Take these steps below to have a calmer thought life during the day.

1. Relax.

Women have been having babies since Adam and Eve. You can do this. Before you know it, the pregnancy, labor and delivery will all be over and you will be the mom of a beautiful new bambino. Worried about the health of your baby? Check out the statistics. The majority of babies are born healthy with all ten fingers and toes!

2. Think happy thoughts!

Instead of focusing on the fears of motherhood and pregnancy, focus on the good things you know. You know that babies are cuddly and soft. You know babies have a natural attachment to their mothers. You know that little ones are a symbol of love expressed between you and your mate. You know that birthdays and holidays will be even more fun as you celebrate it with your bambino!

3. Take some breaths.

When stress and anxieties do come over you, take a breather. Go to a quiet spot and inhale deeply and exhale for 10 breaths. Relax your muscles and just enjoy the quiet and serene atmosphere.

4. Play some soft music.

Most public places play music that is loud and fast. Put on your jammies and turn on some soft and slow music to unwind to. Think about the soothing melodies and concentrate on peaceful thoughts.

5. Get a pregnancy massage.

Massages during pregnancy can relieve you of a lot of tension and put your body at ease. Make sure the massage therapist is trained in pregnancy massage so you are not harmed and have a pleasant experience.

6. Slow it down.

In the evenings, cut back your internet and TV watching about an hour before bed. This help your mind and body slow down before being forced into a rest mode. If your mind is still running when you go to bed, you are more likely to have vivid and active dreams.

7. Avoid chocolate and caffeine.

During the late afternoon and evenings, cut out caffeine and chocolate. These have been known to increase your chances of having unpleasant dreams. Enjoy your cup of Joe and choc lately goodness in the morning—it will help jump-start your day! Don't jump-start your night!

Try the above tips and see if you have sweet dreams!

Alison Wood is a stay-at-home mom of six and freelance writer and blogger. She enjoys raising her six children and desires to share her experiences to help other mothers.

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Guest Sep 8, 2016 01:44:33 AM ET

Having strong bad dreams about insects and even waking up with images in my face with insects. I can't sleep with these bad dreams and imagination. I'm 3weeks pregnant.

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