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11 Great Gifts for Expectant and New Mothers

Katlyn Joy |22, September 2013


Baby showers, hospital visits and gifts, and various hoopla and the star is none other than the newest member of the family. Everyone is celebrating the new baby's arrival and new moms and expectant moms can slide far into the background. However, for those who want Mom to know she is not forgotten and is appreciated, a gift can be a big lift and a definite smile-getter. Here are some ideas for gifts to make Mom feel special too.

1. A gift certificate for a massage.
This is perfect for any mom, expectant or postpartum. Pregnancy and childbirth wreak havoc on a woman's back and back pain is a common malady of pregnancy. Make sure it is with a therapist experienced in prenatal massage if for a pregnant woman, however.

2. A photo album or photo frame.
A clever woman I know had a signature gift for baby showers, and that was a beautiful photo frame. Who has more need of photo albums and frames than a new mom, after all?

3. A gift certificate for a spa day.
New or pregnant moms would love getting a facial, a manicure and pedicure, and other spa treatments and basically just getting some TLC for awhile.

4. A gift basket of body lotions, baths, and spa items.
If you can't afford a spa gift certificate for the lady you care about, why not put together a spa at home for her? You can buy a cheap basket from a craft store and adorn it with bow or ribbon, then fill it with lovely scented lotions, body washes or bath salts, aloe-infused socks, bath mitts and pumice stones.

5. A charm bracelet.
All sorts of options exist today for a grown up version of the classic little girl accessory. You can start the bracelet with appropriate charms representing the mom, the new baby, or birthstones of mother and child.

6. A necklace.
There are all kinds of lovely necklaces that can represent motherhood, from intertwined hearts to old fashioned cameo designs. Keep in mind the mother's style and preference for gold or silver.

7. A gift certificate to a bookstore.
Lots of mothers, both new and expectant, would appreciate the opportunity to fill bookshelves with parenting books or baby books. The ability to pick and choose the best options for themselves is another gift in itself for many women.

8. Gift certificate for a special night out with hubby.
Sometimes new moms can lose contact with their sense of coupledom and a nice evening out, maybe for dinner and a movie can go a long way in reconnecting with the man they love. This will also help Mom reconnect with the part of her that isn't just a mom.

9. A hairdo!
Every woman goes through a need for a new makeover after baby, as their hair goes back to normal and the old cut and color have grown out. Plus a new mom needs a style that she feels attractive in but has the time to do each day. A sharp new 'do will go along way to making a new mom feel like she's bouncing back.

10. A gift certificate to her favorite non-maternity clothing store.
All new moms will need to buy some new clothes, perhaps a slightly more forgiving size for a time, but something definitely not for a pregnant woman.

11. A gift of meals or delivery of groceries.
Every new family could use some help in this area. If you prepare meals, make sure you know of any dietary issues of the family.

What You Should NOT Get a New Mom

Some gifts should never even be brought up in the presence of a newly postpartum mother, and here are a few of them:

  • A gift certificate to the gym or to an exercise class. She knows she has weight to lose but a gift like this is likely to feel more like a slap in the face than a boost up.
  • A work out DVD or book. Same reasons as above.
  • A mothering book. If you pick one out for her, especially if you are a relative it may seem like you are saying, "You need this!"
  • Lingerie. Leave that alone, as you don't know the bedroom details or what speed they are at. Don't insinuate yourself into that part of their lives.

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