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How to Prepare for Your Twins Arrival

Alison Wood |27, September 2013


A new mom's life is hectic and busy. Add twins to the scenario and its double trouble! While most moms are preparing for one baby—you are preparing for two. Obviously you will have double the work and double the preparation. Here are some ideas to help you prepare for the arrival of your twins!

Stock up on necessities.
One baby alone can go through 13 diapers in one day—double that and you will be racking up the dough in diapers every month. How can you prepare for this financially-crunched time? You can exchange unneeded gifts for diapers. Even if you do not have a receipt, most stores will let you exchange an item if you have photo identification. Also, grab a few packages of diapers every month to help you stock up. Don't hesitate to ask for them when people ask what you need. Anything else you deem as a necessity, don't skimp on. Stock up during your months of waiting!

Get a quality breast-pump.
If you are planning on breast-feeding, pumping is going to be almost essential to feed two infants. Don't buy the cheapest one at the store, do your research and invest in a quality that is comfortable and gets the job done. Don't forget to purchase extra milk storage bags to store any extra breast-milk you may be able to express.

Go for the double stroller.
It will be quite difficult to take your twins on outings with a single stroller, so choose a double one for more ease. The front and back style make it easier to fit through doorways when shopping. Side-by-side strollers can be a headache if you enjoy the shopping mall!

Enlist help.
Go ahead and ask your close relatives and friends if they wouldn't mind pitching in during your first month of recovery. You will have so many adjustments, any extra sets of hands will be a HUGE help.

Cook and freeze.
To avoid less stress during your first month with the twins, cook and freeze meals ahead. This will help relieve the anxiety of trying to schedule cooking, cleaning and newborn care efficiently. It will prove to be a relief to just pull a meal out of the freezer and pop it in the oven.

Buy disposable.
We know plastic and Styrofoam are not everyone's favorite materials right now, but don't shy away from using them your first few weeks with the twins. Using disposable cups, plates and silverware will cut down on your cleaning and keep your kitchen neat and tidy.

Embrace the nesting syndrome.
It may be quite a while until you can give your house a thorough cleaning. Do it now while your hands are free! Organize the closets, wipe down the walls, decorate the nursery, change linens etc. The more you have done before the twins arrive, the more you can focus on enjoying your new bundles in a clean home!

Pick a pediatrician.
Go ahead and scope out a pediatrician for your little bambinos. Twins are often born earlier than 40 weeks and need extra care and observation in the hospital. Choose someone who is willing to come to eh hospital where you are delivering. Notify the pediatrician ahead of time, most hospitals notify the pediatrician when you are admitted for labor.

Do your research and discuss it.
Take time to study about vaginal and caesarean births with twins. Take notes of any concerns you may have. Check with your obstetrician on what they typically choose to do for a twin's birth. Also, ask if there is anything you can do to make the birthing process go smoother.

Exercise and consume a healthy diet.
Providing enough nutrition for a growing baby is tough on a woman's body, but you have to nurture two! Get your body into optimum shape by exercising five days a week and eating a healthy, balanced diet that is low in sugar, Trans fats and caffeine. Choosing a healthy lifestyle is what is best for your body as well as for your tiny munchkins.

Just breathe.
The thought of having twins is sometimes intimidating. Remember, other women have been in your very same situation and have lived to laugh and tell about it! You can get through this—and enjoy the journey as well. The new baby phase will pass all too fast and soon your twins will be headed off to school. Instead of fretting, calm down, breathe and concentrate on all the good things that twins bring!

Seek support.
There are many support groups out there for moms of multiples. Scout around to find one that has online forums where you can write and ask other seasoned moms of multiples questions to situations you may be facing. Most women are happy to share their wisdom and experiences—they just need a listening ear!

As you prepare for your twin's arrival, think of twins as double blessings, double kisses and double cuddles. Yes, it will be taxing, but all your work will be worthwhile. Just wait until you hear those giggles—you'll be convinced! Enjoy your journey as you wait for the arrival of your bundles.

Alison Wood is a stay-at-home mom of six and freelance writer and blogger. She enjoys raising her six children and desires to share her experiences to help other mothers.

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