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How to Conceive a Baby Girl

Katlyn Joy |28, September 2013


Do you live in a household where roughhousing and bodily noises dominate the house? Are you surrounded by males and feel outnumbered? Are you dreaming of pink blankets and sweet dresses?

Parents can have a variety of reasons for preferring one gender over another. For some, it is just as simple as we already have the sons they had hoped for, and while what is most important is another healthy baby, it sure would be nice to have a daughter finally. If you ask around about trying to conceive a baby girl, you'll get all kinds of advice and answers, but how much is myth and how much is grounded in real science?

The Odds

Chances are 50/50 to conceive either sex, no matter when or how you have sex, if you ask most physicians and researchers. However, as long as you aren't doing something dangerous, you won't hurt your chances either.

Some methods purport high success rates such as the Shettles Method, which claims a 75 to 80 percent success rate in conceiving girls. However, no independent research has come up with anything approaching these numbers.

A recent dietary study, published in the Reproductive BioMedicine Online, claims that of the women following their special diet, 26 out of 32 gave birth to daughters. However, this is just one study.

Tips for Conceiving a Girl

With the caveat above noted, here are some tips and hints for getting pregnant with a girl. Remember, you have an equal chance of ending up with either sex.

1. According to the Shettles Method: Aim for intercourse 2 to 4 days before ovulation. Of course you need to know when that is for this tip to have a chance of working. An acidic vaginal pH is ideal for girl baby-making, as well. Missionary position is preferred over positions that are deeper penetrating. Also, women should avoid orgasm during the conception sex.

2. Nine weeks before trying to conceive, women should adopt a baby girl-friendly diet. That diet consists of higher levels of magnesium and calcium. This would include fish, leafy greens, other veggies, fruits and whole grains. Avoid what is hypothesized to be more boy-making type dietary items like potatoes, bananas, and other foods rich in potassium and sodium.

When Gender Selection is Vital

Of course sometimes wanting to have a girl isn't a matter of evening up the family gender scale, but a matter of life and death. For male linked genetic disorders or diseases, couple may want to pursue more certain and costly medical procedures in order to have a family together.

There are a couple options available at specialists' offices only and require a medical professional and the ability to meet strict criteria. They are often quite costly as well.

Sperm Sorting

Sperm sorting involves separating the X sperm from the Y sperm in a lab and then inserting the desired X sperm into the woman's uterus either via intrauterine insemination or fertilizing the woman's egg in vitro.

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis or PGD

Another method is to use Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis or PGD. Once a couple has been checked out at a genetic clinic for disorders and deemed to be appropriate candidates, an IVF procedure will be done. A cell from each dividing embryo will be checked for gender and the embryos of the desired gender will then be implanted in the mother's uterus.

What Won't Help You Conceive a Girl

Here are some myths to avoid wasting time on:

- Only trying to get pregnant with a less masculine man, as he is more likely to have female children. That is completely untrue!

- The cycle of the moon has no bearing on whether you get pregnant with a girl.

- The New England Journal of Medicine found no difference in how X sperm swim in comparison to Y sperm so that would pretty much invalidate much of the Shettles Method.

- If you want a girl, eat chocolate. While it sounds crazy enough to be true, it is not.

Have fun trying and enjoy conceiving a much anticipated and loved healthy baby girl!

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Guest Jan 26, 2014 11:03:17 AM ET

Trying to conceive for some women takes lots of patients and peace of mind, while with others its a piece of cake; however I don't think its possible to conceive a preferred gender with the kind of foods we eat, but its possible through the separation of the X and Y chromosome scientifically.

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