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5 Worst Ways To Share Your Pregnancy Announcement

Alison Wood |30, September 2013


You're pregnant! Now, you want to tell the entire world your amazing news—but wait. Learn from other people's announcement mistakes and avoid them like yesterday's leftover cheeseburger. Don't worry, if you make a new mistake, I'm sure your mother will forgive you—but others, ehh...well, just try to be creative without being ultra lame.

Here is a list of baby announcement trends to avoid.

1. By Texting.
No one should receive life-altering new in a text. Take the time to tell your friends and family in person. Your baby deserves a little better announcement as well. Tests should only be reserved for impersonal, quick messages. Not, "We're having your first grandbaby that you have been wanting for 10 years!" message.

2. With Crazy pictures.
All of the sudden you are checking your email and this huge picture comes up that is of a man showing his oversized gut with almost illegible handwriting announcing a little newcomer to the family. Or how about the gross pictures of the newly pregnancy woman leaning over a toilet with her husband giving the thumbs up sign and saying, "We're pregnant!" And, who can forget the spaghetti sauce pictures with "We're Preggo"? When will the insanity end? It is best just to keep things simple!

3. Special events.
Your brother is graduating college or your sister is getting married—wait until their special day is over. Don't steal the limelight. In a few weeks, the festivities and celebrations will be over and you can announce your big news. But, until then, just be patient and take joy in their special moment in life!

4. On Facebook.
After you have personally told your parents and friends about your pregnancy, then it is fine to post to social media about your pregnancy. However, don't initially drop the new via Facebook. Many family members are highly offended when 150 of your acquaintances find out you are pregnant before your very own mother!

5. Before a farewell.
If you are about to take an extended trip or move out of town, do not wait until last minute to tell your family you are expecting. Some women are not so elated about their pregnancy and wait until the very last minute to announce it, but actually do more harm to their family and friend relationships. If you are saying goodbye, it is already an extremely emotional period in your and your loved one's life. Don't tell them right before you board a plane! Get your new out in the open several months before you travel or move away from home.

Out of ideas for announcements? Try these simple but thoughtful tips.

Attach the news to a gift.
If the discovery of your pregnancy is near a holiday or celebration, attach the good news to a gift tag. You could simply write:

To: Mom
Love: Michael, Sara and baby

It's a fun, sweet way to surprise a close loved one—without being tacky!

Cook a meal with a baby theme.
Invite your parents and close siblings over for dinner. Prepare baby back ribs, baby carrots, baby corn and a salad with baby spinach. Choose some background music that goes with your baby theme. Decorate the table with pastels and see which family member sorts out all the "baby" signals first.

Telling others your good news about a new little one is fun to plan. Just remember to keep your creative ideas sensible and considerate of others' feelings. Following those guidelines before you announce your news will make the occasion even sweeter!

Do you have any creative pregnancy announcements that went over well? Share with the other readers in the comments below!

Alison Wood is a stay-at-home mom of six and freelance writer and blogger. She enjoys raising her six children and desires to share her experiences to help other mothers.

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