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Are People Always Touching Your Pregnant Belly?

Elizabeth Keefe | 4, November 2013


Almost all pregnant women have had the 'privilege' of having their pregnant belly touched, rubbed, and talked to. Sometimes by family and friends, but some have experienced total strangers coming up to them and touching their belly without asking permission. It's uncomfortable indeed, but you don't want to be mean or rude in return. What's a pregnant woman to do?

First, it is not appropriate for anyone to touch you without your permission. Would it be appropriate when you are not pregnant? Of course not! Here are some examples of how to deal with people touching your pregnant belly whether it be a stranger, a cousin, or a friend.

The Complete Stranger

A woman in the grocery store approaches you and says, "Oh, you're pregnant! Congratulations! When are you due?" She then bends down and starts to talk to and rub your belly. "WOW," you think. This is certainly an uncomfortable situation for any pregnant Mom, and one that you do not have to put up with. You don't want to be rude and start yelling, but you do want to make it clear that the other person is in the wrong. The best thing to do in this scenario is to immediately step back from the person's reach, and simply say, "Thank you, I'm due [insert date here]. I really have to run now. It was nice meeting you." Hopefully, she will get the hint!

Family members

Your parents and siblings know you. If you don't like that sort of thing, they mostly will already know and not go there. But, you might get the occasional Aunt or cousin who you haven't seen in five years who thinks they can rub your belly..."because you're family!" You might feel like you have to put up with it to prevent hurt feelings or a family feud. If you do not want your family members to touch your belly, it is best to just back up, look at your stomach and say nothing. Then smile and continue the conversation. They may feel a little put off if they notice what you just did. If they ask if they offended you, just that it made you uncomfortable.


Your friends will most likely be the ones who will touch your belly. They just might be as excited as you are that a new baby will soon be joining your circle! Your friends have been there with you through thick and thin. They know things about you that your family doesn't know. Bonds of friendship are strong—especially if you have been friends since childhood. They will most likely know that the behavior is not something you like to endure, and they will respect your wishes. Now, if they forget and it happens anyway, simply laugh and say, "You know how I hate it when people touch my belly!" Be light in your tone, and just simply correct them. It's not a big deal, but you are expressing your dissatisfaction, and honoring yourself, while at the same time correcting a mistake.

No pregnant woman wants to have her belly touched. You are not a display that people can touch anytime they want to. You have the right to say no, correct people's mistakes, and move on. Just remember, that if you don't do or say anything the first time it happens, it will continue to happen with each encounter you have. So, speak up, be kind and polite, but stand up for yourself and your wishes.

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