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7 Changes To Your Marriage During Pregnancy

Elizabeth Keefe |17, November 2013


Changes in your marriage are inevitable when you are expecting a baby. Do you remember planning your wedding? You both probably changed, had new revelations about each other and grew stronger together as a couple. Having a baby is the same — except you can't change your mind if it doesn't work out. Here are seven ways your marriage and relationship may change during your pregnancy.

1. Your sex life will change during pregnancy

Every pregnant woman is different, however most women experience an increase in sexual desire during pregnancy due to the increased blood flow to her vaginal region. If you were not planning on having a baby, the fear you may have had before about getting pregnant is now gone. Also, the need for using protection is no longer needed — which will be an added bonus! So enjoy each other as much as you can before baby arrives! And yes, sex during pregnancy is perfectly safe!

2. Your conversations will change

Your conversations in the past may have included topics such as the news, or what to have for dinner, or planning vacations and weekend getaways together. Now, your nightly discussions will change to discuss pregnancy symptoms, doctor appointments, shopping lists, and your birth plan. Expect the baby name book to be brought out regularly until a decision on a name is made. You will be discussing more about the baby, and how your life will change. You should use these opportunities to also discuss your fears, as well as your expectations of each other, parenting styles, and household chore assignments.

3. Your priorities will change

In the past, your priorities may have included your career, getting that second college degree, or your hobby.

Mom's your new priority will be taking care of yourself, getting the exercise you need and attending all your OBGYN appointments. You may also want to make sure the refrigerator is stocked full of the foods you are craving!

Dad's, if it was not before, your new priority will now be 100% focused on your wife. Your wife will need you now more than ever before! It is now your job to make sure she is taking care of herself, is as comfortable as possible.

4. Dads, you may be in the 'dog house' more often

Sorry Dad's, but unfortunately this is unavoidable. Your wife will be more irritable, moody, grouchy, and less tolerant as before. Try to be understanding and please do take our advice about the things not to say to your pregnant wife! Sometimes it's hard for a pregnant woman not to snap! Fights may be more severe, and sometimes you both won't even know what you're fighting about. Try to be supportive, and know that she loves you, no matter what!

5. You both will have more worries during pregnancy and beyond

Dads may begin obsessing with 'what if' scenarios like "Will I make enough money to support a baby?" "Is our house big enough?" This is very normal and just means you are very good husband, and will be an excellent father! However, the 'what if' thinking will mount to a level that will stress you out beyond believe! It is best to take things one day at a time, make changes only as needed, and know that everything will be okay.

Mom's you may be worrying about working late in pregnancy, and after your baby arrives. You may not feel like you can handle it all. If your financial situation required both of you work, know you are never given anything that you can't handle. However, if being a stay at home Mom is something that you would really like to consider, discuss this together with your husband. There may be a solution.

6. You will be doing less partying during pregnancy

If you two were party animals before, it will most likely come to a screeching halt. Fatigue and lack of energy, annoying pregnancy symptoms, and mood swings will make going to get a root canal more appealing than going out with friends.

Dads, you may find yourself fighting this one. Because you are not experiencing any of these pregnancy annoyances, it will be harder for you to give up what you have always enjoyed doing. However, know that fighting this may result in a marital fight. The best thing to do is talk to each other about your concerns and compromise on the issue.

7. Your love for each other will grow even stronger

The day you both rejoiced at the news that you're pregnant was another day that will top the charts of your life's most memorable events! From that day forward, the bond that you already shared began to grow even more. When you got married, you became partners in marriage. Now, you have a new type of partnership — as parents.

Dad's you will begin to see your wife in a new light. She is carrying your a child — an amazing gift that only a woman can give you! Moms, your husband is standing by your side, protecting you and treating you like a queen! Pregnancy and having a baby is the most amazing gift that two people can give to each other. Because of this, your love for each other will grow and deepen the bond that you created on the day you both said "I Do."

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