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12 Accessories Every Breastfeeding Mom Needs

Katlyn Joy |29, December 2013


Moms that plan to breastfeed have needs that bottle feeding moms do not. Some they may expect and know about ahead of time, like a breast pump or nursing bras. But there is a decent-sized industry churning out special products to make the life of a breastfeeding mom easier. Here are some of the top items that can benefit breastfeeding moms:

1. Nursing pillow.

While you will become adept at nursing virtually anywhere, most of the time you will most likely breastfeed from a regular spot and a nursing pillow can be a godsend. It will help save your aching shoulders because it will help you position baby comfortably. Some have special features such as a pocket to hold items like nursing pads or tissues, and some connect around you and allow you to nurse in more unusual positions or situations.

2. Nursing pads.

Breastfeeding nipples are leaking nipples, especially in the earliest stages. Nursing pads come in a couple basic varieties, disposable and washable. You might want to buy a couple of each type and use washables at home, and take disposables in the diaper bag.

3. Nursing stool.

Perhaps the lowest of tech breastfeeding accessories, the nursing stool is a wonderful mama's helper. It can help you lift your lap to a more comfortable nursing position and will give you a nice support with its slanted design.

4. Gel pads.

There are all manner of options out there to soothe sore breasts. Some are designed to be cold, and some provide warmth while others offer both options. They may be disposable or washable as well. You can use them to soothe sore newly breastfeeding nipples, or to help ease the ache of engorged breasts, or to help relieve the pain of mastitis.

5. Nursing cover-ups.

Most moms are not exactly at ease just whipping out their breast for feeding time, so for the modest among us, nursing cover ups are great solutions. They come in different shapes, materials and patterns and colors. Some have pockets, some provide a view of the nursing baby to mom's eyes only. Chances are you won't need them too far into the nursing relationship as you will become a relative Houdini at positioning a baby on the breast while eating a sandwich and never letting a nipple slip into view.

6. Nipple shields.

Some moms swear by these, especially for novice nursers. It will provide some protection for chapped nipples, and help position baby properly for latch on. They are generally made of silicone.

7. Lanolin nipple cream or other nipple butters or protective lotion.

Some women give up in the first weeks of nursing because their nipples get so raw and sore. Using creams meant for this purpose can protect mom while ensuring baby's safety; you don't want baby sucking on some substance that may be harmful to ingest.

8. Breast shells.

Not all nipples are the same, and if you have inverted nipples you might think breastfeeding is out of the question. Wearing breast shells will help your nipples look like you're at the North Pole, if you get the meaning.

9. Super duper breast pump.

Even if you are a stay at home mom, having a strong, reliable breast pump can give you some slack on your leash. You may get to sleep through the night once in awhile, go out to a movie or dinner, or go to the gym if you can pump some milk for Dad, Grandma or Auntie.

10. Nursing clothes.

Yes, such items are plenteous and in every fashion style. You can find patterns to sew dresses with various types of hidden nursing panels, buy nursing tanks that keep your tummy under wraps, and all types of clothes with special nursing slits.

11. Glider/rocker.

Every nursing mom deserves a comfy chair to sink into and spend the hours feeding baby. If you opt for a simple wooden rocker, do yourself a favor and invest in a thick soft pad for it.

12. A nursing station.

This little organizer should sit next to you on a side table, where you can place items you want in easy reach. These would include a cloth diaper for cleaning up milk dribbles on baby, tissues, a water bottle for you, a magazine or book, an Ipod, nursing pads, and your cell phone. You want to minimize having to get up and grab something.

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