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10 Sanity Savers for Stressed-Out Super Moms

Katlyn Joy | 8, January 2014


Moms today have it all; careers, family, home and friends. But the challenge is balancing it all. When you feel like throwing in the towel, take some time to refocus and find your own peace of mind.

1. Set realistic goals for your life and your time.

Before saying, "Yes," to another commitment, look at your schedule. Where do you have space for the time that will take? It may help you to understand objectively how you spend your time now. Write it out and create a pie chart, just to give yourself a visual. Are there places you are wasting time? Is a lower priority demand taking a disproportionate chunk of your week?

2. Learn when good enough is really good enough.

We would like to have a house like Martha Stewart, a body like a Victoria Secret model and a family like the Waltons but you are just one person. Do you really have to make those cupcakes for the bake sale from scratch, or can you pick some up from the grocery store on your way to the school? Do you have to polish the ceiling fans and help Timmy with every bit of his extra credit homework before volunteering at the PTA book fair?

3. Have personal time scheduled into your days and your week.

Take at least 20 minutes just for you each day. You can take a bubble bath, read a magazine, play a mindless game on your phone, or just nap uninterrupted. Schedule a bigger chunk, say at least an hour's worth, once a week to do something more. Maybe that's time to grab lunch with a friend, head to the gym, or take a relaxing walk through the park.

4. Invest in your marriage.

The pay off is a happy couple. Invest time and effort by giving each other kindness and meaningful contact each day. Look him in the eyes and tell him you love him. Leave the clothes in the dryer and fool around instead of waiting until you are so exhausted you are endlessly yawning. Make regular dates for the two of you. This will relieve stress that can build between the two of you during the busy years of child raising.

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5. Stimulate your mind.

If you live with Disney Jr. and play dough all day, your mind will eventually resemble it. Read regularly, go to the library and find out what's new and recommended. Do crossword or jigsaw puzzles, read a news magazine online, listen to Italian tapes on your Ipod. Learning new things will keep your mind sharp and fresh and lighten the stress load if only by distracting it at times.

6. Feed your soul.

Whatever your religious leanings, or lack thereof, you can nourish the spiritual side of yourself. Learn yoga, meditation, or practice breathing and relaxation exercises. Having some simple to use, do anywhere relaxation tips can save your sanity.

7. Take care of your body.

Exercise regularly, even if it's in little ten minute sections. Taking walks can do double duty, giving your body a work out and your mind a break. Getting some fresh air can also give you fresh perspective. Eat healthy, as if you were still carrying a baby, because you still need to be healthy if for no other reason than to be around for your kids into your grandparent years.

8. Sleep.

Find a way, make a comfy nest, guard your schedule fiercely, and perfect a bedtime routine. Sleep is key to a healthy mind and body, and when you are deficient in Z's you will be lacking in patience and resilience and the whole family suffers.

9. Laugh each and every day.

You can find humor in your problems, in silly movies or TV shows, at most likely, at yourself. Keeping things loose and easy going as much as possible will prevent stress levels from ratcheting up. The wrinkles from smile lines are sweeter than those from frown lines, anyway.

10. Cry when you need it.

Once in awhile, a good cleansing cry can do wonders. Just don't sob for hours and dwell on all that's wrong, probably going to go wrong or anything that ever went wrong. The purpose is to get the emotions out on the surface and release them, not hold onto negativity like a life preserver. Let it out; let it go and move on. Then try #9 again.

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