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DIY Toddler Valentine's Cards

Katlyn Joy | 9, February 2014


Making Valentine's can be a special activity to create both a one-of-a-kind work of art, but a memory as well, with your little one. Here are some simple ideas, but don't be limited to these. Instead use them as a jumping off point to create your own special family valentines.

Thumbprint hearts

Have a few small bowls of paint, in valentine shades such as pink, red and white. Guide your child's thumb into the paint and show her how to press down on a piece of white or colored construction paper to make a thumbprint. By placing two thumbprints side by side, slightly angled, you can make little thumbprint hearts. Make a printed heart design all over a sheet of paper then put on final touches with markers or crayons, once the paint is dry.

Foil hearts

Kids love shiny and aluminum foil is one of the easiest materials for little hands to work with. Cut some sheets of foil and have your child shape the foil around a precut cardboard heart. You will be covering the cardboard, so feel free to recycle a cereal or pasta box for this purpose. Once the heart is covered, turn it over and secure it with some transparent tape. Next decorate with more bling. Put out small bowls of tiny seed beads, glitter, and precut heart shapes from lace or other material. Have a bottle of glue and one small section at a time, put down a line or shape of glue then have your child take a handful of sparkly stuff and toss on top of the glue. Shake off the excess over some newspapers.

Stained glass Valentine's

For this project, have your child crayon a heart shape which you have outlined on simple white paper with a heavy black marker. Once it's colored in completely and heavily, turn it over and place on a newspaper. Rub the back with oil, be it baby oil, vegetable oil or such. When dry, you'll see a stained glass effect. Hang it on a window for the best results, as the sun shining though it will make it especially lovely.

Fabric Valentine's Cards

Use some fabric scraps, lace and other types of material. Cut out heart shapes. For preschoolers, let them practice cutting out a heart that you have outlined on a fold so when they finish the cut, and unfold, they are surprised to discover they made a heart. Glue the heart shapes on a piece of heavy paper. Stack smaller hearts inside bigger ones, embellish them with sequins or fabric markers or glitter glue.


Probably little girls will be more into this one, but get some lipstick or gloss and apply liberally to your little one's lips. Show your child how to kiss a piece of paper, which you have temporarily taped to a tabletop. Explain they are making kisses to send to loved ones. Have some wet paper towel handy for clean up, and to use between different shades of gloss to make different color kisses.

Sewn Cards

With a big blunt plastic needle, you can let your child sew simple heart shapes on heavy paper. Draw the hearts in marker for your child to follow, showing him how to bring the needle up all the way, then go back down. Use embroidery floss or yarn in appropriate valentine hues. You could also string some small beads and attach to the paper in a heart shape, sewing the heart into place.

Crayon melt hearts

You need wax paper and a clean rag and some crayon fragments for this activity. Between two sheets of wax paper, have your child arrange the crayon bits. Cover with the top sheet of wax paper, then placed the rag on top. Take an iron set on low and place atop to melt the crayons together. Once melted, let the colorful mixture cool. Then cut out heart shapes and adhere to a heavy cardboard sheets of pink, red or white.

Hand hearts

Trace your child's hand onto a piece of cardboard, then trace onto construction paper of various appropriate colors for the holiday. Cut out the hearts and arrange on a big piece of paper into a big heart shape for a giant valentine card.

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