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How Do You Know Your Baby Adores You?

Katlyn Joy |11, February 2014


When you were still carrying your baby and had yet to lay eyes on him or her, you already knew you loved this child. No question. But if you are like most women, you wondered at times if you would be a good mom and if your baby would love you back. Silly as it sounds, it's a common anxiety mothers have. Of course your baby loves you! Here's some of the ways you can know it.

Loving gazes

You are holding your baby when you two lock eyes. It's a magic moment, and while you feel overwhelmed with love you may not be sure if baby is feeling the same. Baby is learning to be fascinated with faces as a newborn, and very quickly, he will develop a preference for the faces of those he loves. Take advantage of these quiet bonding opportunities. While feeding your baby, don't let yourself get distracted with phone calls, conversations or reading. Relax and focus on this special little person and special moment.

First toothless grins

After weeks of sleepless nights and big adjustments, your first big pay off as a mom arrives: baby's first smile. Typically, a baby will give up grins starting around 2 months of age. To elicit smiles, parents will do virtually anything but often it's the simplest of things, such as smiling at baby.


While sucking is a life skill for baby, it is also how they explore their world, and show their highest compliments. When baby is nursing, she isn't just eating; she is bonding with you. Later when she grasps your finger and sucks away at it, she is probably showing affection as well, especially if she gazes at you while doing it. Make sure baby only suckles on clean fingers, please.


Baby is bubbling over with joy and babbles away his happiness to you. You can almost recognize the meaning in his enthusiastic coos. "Mom, you are so great! I love you so much!" Keep the conversation going when baby vocalizes to you by talking back. Use real words but mimic baby's intonation and pitch to thrill him and engage him to vocalize more.

Showing preference

Mom or Dad, you're the best! That's what baby is saying when she is reluctant to leave your embrace and go into someone else's arms. Baby may also show displeasure at you leaving because he feels safe and loved with you, and these other people or places, well baby isn't so sure about that. Help baby with these normal transitions by not showing negative emotions, and giving plenty of affection and responsive attention to baby's needs the rest of the time.

Reaching for you

When your baby is several months old, you will have your heart melted when baby reaches out to you with chubby arms. It's all but impossible to deny baby's request, even if your arms are full of laundry or you are on your way out the door. Babyis showing how much she wants to be with you when she reaches for you. If you can't pick baby up, recognize baby's request and explain even if you are sure she doesn't understand, as this shows baby you are responsive to her needs.

Forget the toys, you are the best plaything in the world

Baby would rather play with you than the loudest, most elaborate toy possible. He shows that by always engaging you, touching your face, pulling and chewing on your nose and grabbing handfuls of your hair gleefully. Let baby get up close and personal, but keep it less painful by keeping long hair out of reach and not wearing any dangling jewelry.

Love nibbles

You know when people say to babies, "You're so adorable I could just eat you up!"? Well, baby knows that emotion as you discover when he sinks his gums into you. There are just moments when he gets overcome with joy and affection and must show it. If baby hurts you, because he has an incisor or two now, say "No!" firmly and stick a gentle finger in his mouth to break the suction before pulling away. Model more painless and desired affection for him.

Hugs and kisses

Is anything really sweeter than this? Nothing beats a pair of little arms around your neck or a big sloppy wet kiss on your face from the littlest love of your life. That's love.

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