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Third Trimester Last Minute Baby Shopping Guide

Katlyn Joy | 3, March 2014


When you're pregnant, it seems time slows down for so long and then suddenly you wake up one morning counting the days, possibly the hours, until D Day, or delivery day. When that moment hits, you might be caught in a cloud of panic. However, there's no need to worry. Take a deep breath, sip some chamomile tea and get pencil and notepad.

1. Take inventory.

Go through everything and make a physical list of everything. Sort things by categories such as clothing, feeding supplies, diapering, travel, and other equipment. If you put them all on one big list, you'll be certain to overlook something.

2. List what you still think you need.

Did you get one set of bottles at your baby shower, but worry you need another set? Did you get all newborn diapers, and think this baby may be a chunk and out of newborn size in a couple weeks?

3. Talk to an experienced mom.

Is what you have on your "need", an actual need? I remember thinking I had to have a little food processor to make my own baby food. Now I scoff at the thought, after years of taking table foods and smooshing them up, taking out stringy or hard bits, and serving the food to my babies.

4. Ask moms what they wish they had bought for baby, or wish they'd had more of.

Some moms would say, more onesies, while others would say, "I'd tell everyone to forget cute outfits; we need diapers!"

5. Take the edited "need" list and put time frames on each item.

For instance, you need a baby swing, a carseat, and an exersaucer or baby gym. The carseat is priority number one, the baby swing is second tier, while the gym or saucer is on a can wait list. Shop by priority level.

6. Save all your receipts.

Put them in an envelope in a drawer and don't ask why. There will be surprises, I know. Why? Because all births come with one or two surprises. It's preparation for the rest of parenting.

7. Consider shopping online

If you are fighting fatigue, swelling, cramping or severe backache, or in other words, feel nine months pregnant, consider online shopping your friend. No reason to shop 'til you drop in this digital age. Indeed, some of the best deals are online. Just make certain you know the retailer's return policy, if you are purchasing something you've not seen in person previously.

8. The problem with proxy shoppers

Do not nominate proxy shoppers unless you are extremely sure of their understanding of your needs and preferences. The only thing worse than getting the wrong baby equipment, is explaining to the person who bought it why it stinks and you're taking it back.

9. Have a budget and stick to it.

Yes, it's OK to reallocate some funds, like if you budgeted for a carseat and got an amazing deal for , so you take the extra and add it to your diaper budget. Keeping a budget will help you keep your sanity later, when all the bills start arriving while you are still on maternity leave.

10. Baby Basics.

Your baby needs to eat, sleep, and have diapers changed. Those are the biggies. Blinking toys, stimulating mobiles, matching rocking chair cushion and drapes are absolute non-essentials. As for toys, for many months to come, you will be the favorite toy of your baby. Fancy outfits? They all look the same after poopy diaper leaks and set in spit up stains. Go with basics for everyday.

A Basics List for Baby's Arrival

  • Diapers. Get at least a few packs of newborns and a couple packages of smalls.
  • Carseat. Have to have this to leave hospital.
  • Blanket. Just a couple, as the hospital will supply you with some anyway.
  • Bottles. A set if you are not breastfeeding, none to start with if you are nursing.
  • Pacifier. Have a couple different kinds, to see what you and baby like best.
  • Sleepers, gowns, onesies. Have a few changes of clothes per day.
  • Gentle detergent.
  • Wipes.
  • Diaper bag.
  • Crib, bassinet or similar functioning sleeping place.
  • Hat, coat if season requires.
  • Socks, booties. Several pairs.
  • Spit up rags or cloth diapers for clean ups.
  • Small selection of baby toiletries; wash, lotion, etc.

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