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6 Ways to Reduce Stress When TTC

Katlyn Joy | 3, August 2014


It should be a happy time, trying to start or add to your family, but if things don't go according to plan, it can be the most stressful of times.

When people know you are trying to get pregnant, the unsolicited advice only worsens the tension. Now it's not only you peering down at the pregnancy test stick; it's a crowd of well-wishers looking over your shoulder.

Not only that, but should time slip by, you may be seeking treatment at a fertility clinic or with a fertility specialist. Now your most intimate details of your most private life are routinely discussed and evaluated. Sex is scheduled and noted on a calendar.You question everything. Should I try this? Should he stop that? Is it because I took this medication, or had this illness, or is it some sort of cosmic fate?

If you've seen more than 35 summers, the autumn of your life is looming, and the biological clock's alarm is clanging in your ears.

It can all get to be just too much. What's worse, stress can interfere with bodily processes and functioning, including the reproductive system. What can you do to keep serene in the face of all this pressure?

1. Give yourself a break.

Stop constantly evaluating and grading yourself. While many of our health choices and lifestyle options can affect fertility, you cannot hold yourself or your mate hostage for the purposes of procreation. If you feel like making love one day before your optimum time, then follow the passion. Don't reduce yourselves to being baby-making apparatuses. If you are tired of injections or tests this month, then take a hiatus. Yes, time is fertility's enemy, but so is stress. If things feel like too much, then they are. Allow yourselves some breathing space when needed in the baby-quest.

2. Don't become a one-note singer.

If all you think about, read about, and talk about revolves around getting pregnant, not getting pregnant, who's pregnant, and babies, you need to get a life. Seriously. Get busy with activities you used to love. See friends you've neglected. Read a trashy novel. Join the softball league. If all you are focused on is pregnancy, you will possibly interfere with your own best interests. You will definitely come to drive yourself and everyone around you, nuts if you don't relax.

3. Have a scheduled worry and vent session.

Instead of liberally dousing each day in stress, make appointments to confront your anxieties, or voice your concerns to your spouse. Allow a set amount of time and worry, or whine, away. Then when the time's up; move on.

4. Accept the reality of now, and believe for the best.

Don't wait until you achieve your goal to experience joy in your life, in your loves and in the present. Find happiness where you are. Keep a positive outlook. I want this, I hope this comes, but if it doesn't, something else will work out for us. Things. Will. Be. OK. No matter what. Believe in this, and live by this.

5. Develop a stress-reducing regimen.

Learn some deep breathing techniques. Practice simple yoga. Create a quiet space where you can go to just chill out. Have an oasis somewhere in your home, preferably your bedroom. No work in the oasis. No noise. Comfort and peace rules this space and you can go there to reliably relax anytime you need to. Get a massage instead of going out for dinner this month. Avoid things and even people who stress you out, as much as is humanly possible. Exercise most days, even if it's just a brisk walk to the corner after dinner. If that's all you can manage, at least do that. When you can carve out more time, go for a run on the treadmill or play a bit of ball or ride your bike.

6. Seek out fun.

Watch comedies with your loved one. Play games, laugh out loud, and learn a new hobby. Don't expect fun to trickle in through the tiny cracks in your schedule. Make time for fun. Expect it and pursue it. It is like a balm to protect and heal from a stressful life.

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