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Fall 2014 Maternity Fashion: What Will Work for You?

Katlyn Joy | 3, September 2014


Maternity and fashion are not oppositional words. Or they shouldn't be! However, when it's your tummy that must be dressed, it can be tough to know how to maintain your personal style while sporting a pumpkin figure.

Your usual motto may be "looks before comfort," but that just cannot be the case while pregnant. Comfort is king now. You will get tired of your maternity wardrobe, so don't be so quick to start wearing maternity clothes. Many women are so excited to be pregnant, they begin buying maternity wear too early when they could just wear their fat jeans and some tops borrowed from hubby.

Plan your maternity wardrobe around a few key pieces. Have one or two absolutely comfy jeans, a skirt, a nice blouse or sweater, and build all other pieces around those. You'll want to think in layers because as your pregnancy progresses, your thermometer is sure to be out of sorts. Try to go with some basic colors such as black, white, tan and navy (think school uniform shades) and then you can mix in colors with other pieces or accessories.

Here are some new fall items in maternity fashion to consider for your new wardrobe:

Maternity Bottom Basics

Skinny jeans.

Yes, skinny maternity jeans. Just try out the different types of waistbands to find what you like best. Some want just a nice wide elastic support band under belly, while others want a stretchy panel over their tummy. Not sure? Get one of each. Look for ones that will easily accommodate your growing figure.

Crazy print jogging pants.

Wild prints may seem an odd choice in pregnancy, but pair them with a subdued solid top, and you've got a hit. Best of all, they will be lightweight and ever so comfy!


Get a few in those basic uniform shades, as they look great with a wide variety of tops. Plus they will accentuate what is likely to be your longest, thinnest asset for a while.

Pencil skirt.

Pencil skirts are perfect bottoms when you need to dress it up a bit. Put together with a sharp blouse, and you will look sharp. Pair with some shiny patent flats and maybe a blazer.

Top Choices for Maternity Tops

Tribal print tops.

Trendy is still an option in maternity. You can go subdued or in bright shades, with something flowing or fitted. Let the tribal pattern be your bold in the outfit.

Fitted sweater with ruching on the sides.

Nowadays we don't hide our baby bumps. Put yours out front and center in style with a lightweight sweater that clings to you. Go for lighter weights because you are likely to run a bit warmer than normal. Go for a jewel tone for traditional fall looks, or something pastel for a feminine touch. Want to jazz up some jeans? Get a bold striped pattern. Wear vertical or horizontal stripes.

Simple tailored blouse.

This is a wardrobe staple to be dressed up or down, paired with jeans, skirt or pants. Layer it with a cardigan, sweater or blazer.

Flowing jersey top.

Enjoy some of the new shapes for fall, including tops that flow away at the hem. Opt for jersey as it feels so comfortable against your skin.



Get a basic shade and go with a classic shape, or maybe a boxy shape. It will instantly dress up an outfit and provide that removable layer you need for your fluctuating temperature.


Go with a longer style that either is buttoned or a pull on design.


What you choose for fall may accommodate you through winter, depending on your body thermostat and the area you live in. Make sure it's easy to launder for that reason.


Skater dress.

Maybe it seems a little young, but when in maternity wear, it's just plain cute. Go for it with some boots or other fun shoes.

Maxi dress.

In style yet oh, so comfy. What more could you want?

Shirt dress.

A timeless style only adjusted a bit with a narrow belt that sits above your tummy instead of at your waist.

A fitted dress in clingy fabric.

In basic black, all the better. Dress it up or down with the accessories you choose.

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