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When Your Pregnancy Weight is a Big Deal and When it’s Not

Katlyn Joy | 8, September 2014


Eating healthy is always the biggest goal when discussing weight and pregnancy. You could eat some horrid junk and just a small portion, and be neglectful of vitamins and nutrients, and still stay under a calorie level. However, that would not yield a healthy you or a healthy baby.

How Many Calories Do Pregnancy Women Need? Some Exceptions to the Rules

However, there are some factors that affect the guidelines. For instance, if you are carrying twins you will need an additional 440 calories in your second trimester and 500-600 more in the final trimester. Your weight guidelines will shift upwards as well.

You really don't need to gain weight in the first trimester, unless of course you began your pregnancy underweight. If you find yourself gaining some real pounds prior to week 12, you should become wary of your eating habits. Where are you indulging? Trade out simple carbs for complex ones, and fill up your calories and your tummy with whole grains.

Another complication is when you develop a tough case of morning sickness. Nausea that extends beyond the first trimester can negatively affect your appetite and weight gain, and therefore your wellbeing and health. You can become run down and more at risk for contracting illnesses.

While you want to eat healthy, nutritious foods, sometimes in the case of severe morning sickness, you need to eat anything that you can stand to eat and can keep down. Once you get a handful of chips down, or a piece of toast, then you can try to get something else into your diet. An empty stomach is more likely to be nauseated than one with a bit of food in it.

Weighing Risks and Benefits

We've heard the research about all the difficulties that face mothers who gain too much, and for their children. They are more likely to stay overweight, become diabetic, have cardiac issues, stay fat, have obese children and the dire warnings go on and on. So you do really want watch your diet and stay active and fit.

What if you are between the BMI levels for moderate weight and overweight? Take some things into account. Are you physically fit? Maybe an athlete with a good bit of muscle? Muscle, as you know, weighs more than fat, and a serious athlete may well bump up into a higher BMI level. If that's the case, don't fret over a few extra pounds while pregnant.

If you obsess over your weight, when you know you were not overweight before getting pregnant, and still are not, you risk raising your stress levels unnecessarily. And that's bad for you and your baby!

Maybe you are at the other end of the weight/BMI levels. Perhaps you started out underweight. You may never quite gain all the weight you are advised to gain. If you worry yourself about being too thin, instead of just eating healthy and making sure you protect your health, you are not doing yourself or the baby any good.

More than numbers is the bottom line. Do you feel well? Is baby developing well? Are you well? If you are underweight, you may need to alter your workouts so that you don't burn quite so many calories. That doesn't mean you don't stay active or fit, it's just that you need to alter your workouts while pregnant.

Unrealistic Expectations

The media termed the newest pregnancy issue pregorexia, or mommyrexia. This is when women become so obsessed with not gaining too much weight, that they go to ridiculous lengths to stay slender and sexy.

This is a dangerous game to play. Growing a baby will change your body, and sorry to inform you, but some of those changes will be permanent. Your hips may widen, your breasts may never be exactly the same. You may have a tummy that won't respond quite the same to sit ups as it once did. Your feet may even be a size or more larger!

You have to be willing to accept these changes as part of life. Don't expect to go exactly back to where you were. And find a way to celebrate your new, more feminine, more womanly figure. That's not the same thing as wearing yoga pants everywhere and giving up on being in shape ever again. It means doing your best to be healthy and fit, and accepting your body for the shape it is!

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