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Labor & Delivery Photographers: A New Trend

Katlyn Joy |15, September 2014


Call it a sign of the times, but today's labor suite may contain a physician, midwife, doula, husband, siblings, friends and now perhaps a photographer. Of course, it's not going to contain all these people at once, but some configuration and the photographer is fast becoming the most popular new birth must-have.

Today we have the social media revolution, and with that, people want to share their photos of the big, and often little, moments instantaneously. What could be a bigger moment than when your little one joins the universe? We have had an explosion of pregnancy portraits, trendy newborn photo sessions, so it's no big surprise that this would be the trend to follow.

Why You Might Want to Consider a Birth Photographer

1. It's the only simple way to have photos of the whole family. So often dad is relegated to being the birth photographer, which takes him out of frame and out of the moment. Today we realize and honor fathers' places in the birth, and this is just another aspect of it.

2. The mother may never get to see these moments otherwise. Women frequently suffer from a sort of birth-amnesia, and with birth photos, you can see the moments leading up to and immediately after baby's birth.

3. Your birth support person can be fully focused on helping you, and not helping you, plus recording the event. Face it, you want photos, but you need supporting in this arduous task.

4. You and your partner can't be everywhere. So a photographer can get the shots you wouldn't. Like what's happening in the waiting room? What about in those crazy moments right after birth? How about some shots of the doctor, nurse or midwife or other behind the scenes moments you might miss?

5. Once in a lifetime snapshots will be missed by multi-tasker. By having someone whose only job is to snap pics, you should get every shot you want.

Choosing a Birth Photographer

Be sure to check their portfolio, talk to clients and get an overview of the photographer's body of work and professionalism.

Discuss with your spouse and your photographer the ground rules. How will photos be taken? From what perspective? How graphic do you want the pictures to be? What are the must-have pics? When would the photographer arrive, and how long to stay?

What are the hospital regulations that must be followed? Different facilities have different policies, and it's on you to find out well ahead of time to avoid any problems.

Have a precise contract written up about what photos will be taken, when, how and the payment arrangements. Never go on a handshake and a verbal agreement.

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