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Interpreting Your Pregnancy Dreams

Katlyn Joy |22, October 2014


About a month before giving birth to my daughter Danika, I had a vivid dream. She was not just a single baby; she was triplets. Triplet girls, to be exact. They were newborn, but spoke quite eloquently.

"Mother, we need to talk to you. We do not like our names."

A few weeks later, I had a dream about a tooth just falling out of my mouth into my hand. It was so realistic that went I awoke, I immediately searched around my mouth with my tongue, feeling for any spaces that shouldn't be there.

Pregnant women are notorious for having strange and very vivid dreams. It is believed to be a result of disturbed sleep patterns, particularly of REM stage sleep, and possibly hormones. Throw in some new parent stress, and apparently there is the recipe for weird dreams.

Typical Pregnancy Dreams?

While they may seem pretty far-fetched, chances are one of your crazy pregnant dreams falls into one of the following categories:

Giving birth to an animal.

Often furry and cuddly, these animals supposedly represent our beginning bonds with our infants. That cute, cuddly animal is adorable and pulls at our heartstrings, just as a new baby is beginning to.

Giving birth to an inanimate object.

My sister dreamed she gave birth to Woody, from Toy Story. These are also very common pregnancy dreams. It's natural to have a dream that mixes your desire to see your baby, your daydreams about what baby may be like, and have a weird twist put on it by your anxieties. (Or the jalapenos and ice cream you had before bed.

Watery dreams.

These may include swimming, visiting the ocean or a lake, or even something more dramatic and scary, like feeling you are drowning. This is one of those "Mother Earth," things, where you are in touch with your baby's watery surroundings right now.

Gardens, parks and other green outdoor settings.

This is a dream tied to your fertility. You dream about other growing and fertile things.

A window to your uterus.

Some women dream about being able to see into the uterus and see their developing baby. Others have extremely thin skin and can see through the stomach. You are curious about baby and what's really going on in there.

Forgetting baby dreams.

Many expectant moms have dreams where they have already given birth, and forget their baby in the car, at the sitter, at the hospital or anywhere. This is a simple anxiety dream. You are wondering if you are going to be a good and capable parent.

The grown or talented baby dream.

Much like my triplets dream, you can dream about having a child that seems to be born at an advanced age or stage. Or perhaps you dream that your baby is some kind of child prodigy. Again, we are projecting our hopes and fears into these dreams about our children.

Rescue dreams.

In these, you are called upon to save your family or your child from sure catastrophe. You may wake up before you knock the bad guy off the overpass, or quench the flames, but you know you are being put on the spot for your family. This is a dream where you are working out some anxieties about your readiness for parenthood. You are also already feeling protective and these dreams reflect that.

Dreams about your marriage or other relationships.

You may be worried that a dream of an old flame, or that your marriage is in trouble signals actual trouble on the horizon. That's unlikely. Probably you are feeling some anxiety about becoming a real, true grown up and what could be more adult that being in charge of a helpless baby?

Sex dreams.

Many pregnant women have vivid, erotic dreams. The reason is most likely all that blood flow to your nether regions leaving you half-ready for sex at any moment. If you aren't one of those amorous pregnant women, maybe you just miss the closeness?

Losing body parts.

Like my falling tooth, lots of women dream about odd body parts breaking off, or perhaps even the baby falling out of the uterus and you needing to put baby back. This is most likely just a childbirth anxiety dream.

Giving birth.

You may also dream about the birth, from getting ready to the moment you push baby out. You are just preparing mentally and emotionally for that real moment.

Many pregnant women have strange dreams that seem to come out of nowhere. If you are one of the ones who has the "privilege" of experiencing this phenomena, remember, they are just dreams. Try to relax, laugh it off, and enjoy your pregnancy.

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