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Delight Your Special Mom-to-be With These Top 10 Gifts

Katlyn Joy |16, December 2014


A perfect Christmas present for your pregnant wife should acknowledge who she has always been to you while recognizing her new role. You don't want it to be too practical, so baby gifts masquerading as a gift to her is generally not a good idea.

Here are some ideas to get you going, but customize it for your special lady, because you know her better than anyone.

1. A gift certificate to a spa, or for a mani/pedi.

Having a time to get dolled up a bit and feel more pretty and less preggo is always a good thing. Spoiling your wife a little will go a long way towards a good mood and happy face.

2. Spring for a massage.

Even those who have never had a back ache in their lives will experience plenty of it while pregnant. Getting a prenatal back massage can feel nothing short of heaven. Making sure the therapist is trained in giving massages to pregnant women ensures the best experience.

3. A special piece of jewelry.

A lovely necklace, a charm bracelet or something similar can be a commemorative gift for the mother to be. Remember her favorites; is it silver or gold, opals or rubies?

4. Photography session.

While it's become all the rage to get a prenatal photo shoot, she'll love it because it's a unique time in her life when she's about to become a whole new aspect of herself and these photos will capture that for you, her and the baby. Just check out the photographer's work to make certain the style matches yours.

5. Journals, stationary, art supplies.

While all of these may not apply, often while pregnant, a woman may feel her creative and expressive nature is growing along with the pregnancy. She may want to capture these thoughts and emotions before they slip away in a haze of days mixed with nights with crying baby, hungry baby, needy baby, etc. If she enjoys sketching, get her a nice pad and pencils, or colored pencils. If she has always wanted to scrapbook, get her started with some basics and maybe a gift certificate to the local scrapbook supply house. If she enjoys writing, if only in journals, indulge in a lovely one that is worthy of saving. Buy her a special pen to go with it.

6. Photo gadgetry and supplies.

If ever something brings out someone's inner photographer, it's a baby. Let her get ahead of things by making sure she has all she needs. Does she want a new digital camera? How about some great photo software, or a gift certificate to an online photo site? Let her have a chance to try out all the basics and the features so by the time baby arrives, she'll be practiced and prepared.

7. Bath set.

This should be individually tailored to your wife. Some pregnant women never stop having the over sensitive sense of smell in pregnancy, and if that's the case, you need to be absolutely sure what scents she still finds appealing. Get her a basket filled with bath bombs, shower gel, lotions, hair tonics and creams, aromatherapy bath items, aloe infused socks, a loofah on a stick, and a candle to light during those soaks in the tub.

8. Reading material.

She may have some moments to indulge her reading whims, while recuperating from childbirth, during marathon nursing night sessions, or perhaps even as the long days of the last trimester wind down and her feet are up. Consider her favorites, with perhaps a mothering/parenting or baby title or two, or maybe just a certificate to her favorite book store.

9. A robe and slippers.

Not a schleppy nappy robe that appears destined to be accompanied by pink hair rollers. No, get a luxurious, indulgent robe with slippers to match. Something that looks and feels feminine and spoiled.

10. A weekend getaway.

If your wife is anything like me, a trip away is always the perfect gift. But, for an expectant mother, all the more. Soon she'll be tied to baby for a good while, and getting away will never be so easy again. If it's late in pregnancy and a big trip is a no-no, opt for a stay near home, but in a nice, special setting.

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