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15 Tips for Surviving the Winter Blahs During Pregnancy

Katlyn Joy |21, January 2015


There are pluses and minuses to being pregnant in any season. However, it can be a tedious time waiting for baby in the depths of winter. You are often stuck indoors for days on end, looking in vain for your feet and watching for any sign of impending labor.

Here are some ideas to pass time hopefully somewhat more quickly!

1. Watch your favorite movies.

Have some old sentimental favorites? Check them out on whatever device or streaming media service you have, without guilt.

2. Miss your walks around the park or neighborhood?

Head to the mall, where the winter weather won't hamper your efforts. Plus, you can window shop at the same time. Soon you'll need some clothing that doesn't have to accommodate a tent shaped torso.

3. Haven't settled on a name?

Pick up some more name books. Check out the library's selection to be kind to your budget. Give Baby Corner's baby naming tools a try.

4. Do your final preparations on the nursery and baby's layette.

Wash up the baby clothes, the cloth diapers, and set up the changing area so it's all good to go.

5. Buy your thank you cards and make sure you have plenty of announcements.

Or, you can make them yourself. If you are sending these out online, then make sure you have a complete list of everyone's contact information.

6. Feeling antsy?

How about cooking up some meals you can double and freeze half to have when you are juggling nursing, changing diapers and healing your body all the same time.

7. Gather Information.

On the other hand, sometimes you won't even want to warm up any thing, so collect take out menus and have them organized and put somewhere handy. You will be so glad you did in a matter of weeks.

8. Learn to knit or crochet.

Why not? There are plenty of tutorials online to help you out, plus any craft store worth their salt will have folks who can direct you to the right items to purchase.

9. Work on your pregnancy memory book or a scrapbook for baby.

You will not have time like this again don't want to know! So take the time to fill out all those sections of your pregnancy memory book, like what's happening in the world when baby is going to arrive. Have photos of the family to put in there, capturing what everyone looked like when baby was born. Never scrapbooked? Boring last trimester winter days are a perfect time to begin.

10. Practice your birthing skills.

Did you learn breathing techniques or relaxation exercises in birthing class? Practice now so it will come naturally when you need it. You don't want hubby leafing through the instruction book when your contractions are coming fast and hard.

11. Get those bags packed.

Yes, get your labor bag ready! You'll want one for the birth suite, and another for the hospital. You'll also want one for baby and all the goodies you'll get at the birth center or hospital. Daddy will need one for his time at the hospital, too. Think of nonperishable snacks, quarters for the vending machine, books or magazines, a toothbrush and maybe a change of clothes, even.

12. Shop for last minute baby items.

Get those necessities, and those not-so necessary things too. Icy roads and sidewalks were definitely not made for pregnant women to be on, so take advantage of the internet shopping available. Kill more time and less money by searching for coupons and great deals.

13. Don't you have a pediatrician yet? Don't wait!

You'll want to talk to your ob/gyn, the nurses at the office, and your friends with kids to get recommendations. Then you need to call around and find out who is taking new patients and while you're at it, make sure their office locations and hours are accommodating for you.

14. Consider creating a fun memory item.

Ask the grandmothers, aunties and other friends and family for their best new parent advice. Have them write their answers and compile all the wisdom, and probably a touch of humor, into a little memory book.

15. Splurge on your sweetie.

Be it time or money, indulge in some special couple time. Go for dinner, or order something special to be delivered. Get the fire kindled in the fireplace and between you. Or if that's not so attractive now, get your cuddle on. Talk about anything but the baby. Enjoy each other.

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