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Top 11 Rated Fertility Apps for Android and iPhones

Katlyn Joy |15, February 2015


You no longer need to scrawl in the tiniest script the details of your basal body temp and assorted notes on a chart. Now there are apps to keep it simple and clear for you. Here are the top-rated apps for iPhones and Androids.

1. Period Tracker Deluxe

This Android app allows you to press a button and have your menstrual periods logged and averaged over a 3 month period in order to predict your next period. However, the Tracker does far more than tell you what date to circle on your calendar in red. It will tell you your fertile days, ovulation dates, and will give you a log of past periods and symptoms. You can input more advanced fertility details such as cervical mucus and cervical position. Know when you're in your fertile window with a flower showing on your homepage.

2. The BabyMed Fertility & Pregnancy Calculator

Calculate your ovulation date, fertile days and due date. You can focus in on more details such as the conception and implantation dates. It will also give you dates for when pregnancy tests should be conducted. Developed by Dr. Amos Grunebaum, a New York obgyn, this app is guaranteed scientifically accurate.

3. LoveTracker Menstrual Tracker

This app is for Windows, iPhone and Android. This will track the menstrual dates and flow length, as well as predict your start day. You can set alarms, record personal data such as when intimacy occurs, moods, weight, symptoms, and temperature. It's even color coded.

4. MyFertilityMD

This app is loaded with features including advanced fertility tools inputting 120 different fertility markers such as lubrication, urinary estrogen, saliva ferning and cervical observations. Are you unsure what all that means? MyFertilityMD also comes with 15 informational videos to help guide users through this safe fertility method. Inside the Women's Forum you can connect with thousands of other users. With the Ask the Doctor feature you can access real doctors with your personal fertility questions.

5. MyFertileFood

This is a specific approach to fertility, allowing users to focus on eating for optimum fertility. It guides you to eat foods to increase egg quality, aid implantation, and optimize the conditions for a healthy pregnancy. Included are loads of recipes.

6. Kindara

According to the makers, "Our mission is to give women amazing tools to manage their health and meet their goals. Confident women make the world a better place and we want to create more of them." Lofty goals, but Kindara aims to achieve the goals by educating women about their bodies and their fertility, using tools that track your data, learning your biology and getting answers from the Kindara community.

7. Ovia Fertility

This app focuses on ovulation prediction, and has been used by millions to achieve pregnancy, according to the makers. It's based on medically sound data, and helps women pinpoint their fertile days.

8. iPeriod

This app is available on iOS and Android, and has been around several years to much acclaim. More than a simple period predictor, it's considered more of a comprehensive women's health app.

9. WomanLog

This app lets you know when your next doctor's appointment is, and will let you record when you er-got busy with your man. All your important dates in one place, recorded and tracking for you.

10. FertilityFriend

This is an app for iOS and Android, and tracks your periods, your fertile window and what medications and symptoms you had on specific dates. It will help you know if there are fertility problems interfering with your pregnancy quest. The makers cite 650,000 pregnancies as proof positive of the app's value to users.

11. Monthly Cycles

This app does all the regular stuff; tracking your periods, charting your symptoms and predicting your fertile window. But it goes a step further by helping you decide when to have sex in order to conceive a boy or are you trying to have a girl?

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