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Baby Names for Spring Babies

Hannah Chow |24, March 2019


Naming another human being can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Your precious little boy or girl will hear the name you pick out for them for the rest of their life. Many expectant parents have family names that can be passed down. Some will choose their babies name on the day of delivery. If you are expecting in March, April or May, think about finding a name that pays tribute to springtime.

According to Sally Farhat Kassab with NBC News Today, choosing names from nature themes, spring colors, spring months, and the season can help you decide on fantastic spring baby names. Find inspiration by studying flower names, examining weather themes, and even researching your family's ethnic background.


Violet is a name that was popular more than 40 years ago and is finally making a comeback. Violets are beautiful flowers from the Violaceae family typically found in shades of purple. Violet is an English name meaning "peace and harmony."

Rose is a name that symbolizes love. Roses are perennial flowers from the Rosaceae family and for years have been given as gifts to represent love and affection for another person.

Daisy is an English name that originated from an Old English word meaning "Day's Eye." Daisy has been a consistently popular name for baby girls over the past 60 years or so. The flower comes from the Asteraceae family. The name Daisy is representative of someone that "exudes sunshine."

Nature Themes and Colors

Dayton is an English name meaning "day" or "sunny town." Historically, the name, Dayton, has been used for baby boys but is starting to be used as a gender-neutral name and appropriate for girls as well.

Aurora, named after the Roman goddess of dawn, is also a natural light display found in northern latitudes in March and April. Aurora is a beautiful baby girl name meaning "light of dawn."

Cyan is a gender-neutral English name meaning, "greenish-blue." This name represents springtime colors along with fertility and prosperity. Representing a popular shade on the color wheel, this name compares in similar ways to aqua blue. April showers bring May flowers. Naming your child Cyan is a way to acknowledge springtime rain, paying tribute to fertility and growth.

March Babies

Albert Einstein, Steven Tyler, Lou Costello, Mitt Romney, and Peyton Manning are all famous men born in the month of March. Naming your little boy Albert, Steven, Lou, Mitt or Peyton may indicate they will grow up to be a scientist, musician, movie star, politician or NFL quarterback. Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Susan Auch, Ana Hickman, and Karina Smirnoff are all famous women born in the month of March. Naming your little girl Mariah, Celine, Susan, Ana or Karina may indicate that your little princess will grow up to be a internationally acclaimed singer, speed skater, super model or dancer.

April Babies

Are you a fan of the royal family? Queen Elizabeth was born on April 21 and according to Sylvia Hui with San Jose Mercury News, "Royal fans are ready to welcome Prince William and Kate's second child" ... "Kate reportedly told a charity worker that she is due mid-to-late April." Many believe they will have a girl and name her, "Alice." Elizabeth, Charlotte, Victoria, Alexandria, and Diana are close contenders for girl names while James and Arthur are the top choices for boy names.

May Babies

Hello May babies. Think about names that sound like May. For girls try, Mabel, Mae, and Maya. For boys consider Mason, Mavis, and Mabon.

Mabel is an English name meaning "loveable." Bruce Willis has a daughter named Mabel Ray Willis.

Mae is an English name literally meaning "month of May." Marla Sokoloff has a daughter named Olive Mae.

Maya is a Hebrew name meaning "water." Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman share a daughter named Maya Thurman-Hawke.

Mason is an English name meaning "one who works with stone." Melissa Joan Hart and husband, Mark Wilkerson, share a son named Mason.

Macaulay is an English name meaning "son of Olaf." Macaulay Culkin is a famous American child actor and son to Christopher Culkin and Patricia Brentrup.

Mathias is derived from Latin. The Hebrew form of the name means "gift of God." The apostle, Matthias, was born at Bethlehem of the Tribe of Judah. He studied the Law of God from a very early age.

Ethnic Names

Soshana-Jewish name meaning "rose or lily." Perfect for little girls born in the springtime.

Haru-Japanese for "spring" and "sunlight." Japanese culture celebrates springtime with cherry blossom festivals. Naming your daughter Cherry or Blossom pays tribute to springtime and Japanese traditions.

Bahar-Persian name meaning "springtime."

Chun-gender-neutral Chinese name meaning "spring season."

Aviv-gender-neutral Hebrew name meaning "spring."

If the due date is fast approaching and you haven't picked out a name yet, do not worry. Even if you need to meet your baby before naming him or her, there are plenty of names out there to go around. You will certainly find a name suitable for your little bundle of joy and one with great meaning. Enjoy this opportunity to name another human being.


Farhat Kassab, Sally. "Spring Baby Names: Check out These Fresh Ideas!" NBC News, n.d. Web. 17 Apr. 2015.

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Guest Aug 13, 2019 01:22:46 PM ET

Hi, Thanks for your article. My daughter was born in April and I wanted to call her my little flower. And I found the Hawaiian name Leilani. I understood this name is perfect for my baby.

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