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Are You Doing Your Kegels?


Kegel Exercises are those exercises that the doctor and nurses tell you to do. But what are they? Not many women know. Kegel exercises are designed to maintain the tone of the pelvic floor muscles that become weakened by the weight of the uterus during pregnancy.

Doing kegels regularly have been proven to: Strengthen the floor muscle supporting the bladder, urethra and vagina. They promote better bladder control during pregnancy and after childbirth.Prevents a leaky bladder.Helps relax muscles during birth.Increases circulation throughout, Promotes perineal healing after birth.

How to do Kegels? Locate the muscle initially, while urinating - try to stop the flow, and release. When you have located the muscle, do not do this exercise while urinating - for it can cause urinary tract infections.Practice contracting and releasing the muscle throughout each day. It is best to begin with 10 sets and gradually increase as the muscle becomes stronger.As your skill level increases, imagine the pelvic floor as an elevator and gradually tighten the muscle(1st floor, 2nd floor, etc.) Then release slowly (3rd floor, 2nd floor, 1st floor)Spend time practicing a total release of the muscle This release will be necessary during birth.Practice wavelike contractions to promote elasticity of tissues.The best way to remember your Kegels is to use cues. For example do them while your waiting for a red light to change.

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