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Travel and Pregnancy

Maurenne Griese, RNC, BSN


Pregnant? Thinking about a summertime get-away? In most cases, travelling in the summertime is completely safe. However, there are some important things for expectant moms to consider. Assuming your pregnancy is uncomplicated, keep this in mind:

1. Drink and eat to comfort. Because of the summertime heat, drinking plenty of water is especially important. As a labor and delivery nurse, I often see women in the summertime having problems with pre-term contractions simply because they don't drink enough fluids. At least 8-10 glasses of water a day will help keep you well hydrated.

2. Dress comfortably and move frequently. Be sure to empty your bladder every few hours to keep you comfortable and avoid a urinary tract infection.

3. Take along a pillow and some snacks to nibble on.

4. Carry a copy of your prenatal record from your prenatal care provider with you. Be sure to check with your provider before taking any vaccinations or taking any medications.

5. If you are travelling by air, avoid non-pressurized high altitude flights and avoid the smoking section of the aircraft. Travel in the last few weeks of pregnancy is prohibited by airlines. Check with your airline carrier and prenatal care provider for more information about when it is safe to travel by air.

6. If you are travelling by car, be sure to wear your seat belt with the bottom strap across your hips, not over your abdomen. Stop and stretch and go to the bathroom every few hours.Travel in pregnancy is completely safe and sometimes unavoidable. By using these helpful tips, you should be able to enjoy the ride!

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists offers a free brochure on travel during pregnancy. To obtain your free copy, send a SASE to:

"Travel During Pregnancy" ACOG Resource Center 409 12th St. SW Washington, DC 20023-2188

My name is Maurenne Griese. I am a certified childbirth and breastfeeding educator and have a bachelor of science degree in Nursing. I am also a Registered Nurse and am board certified in Inpatient Obstetrical Nursing. I have been a writer for as long as I have been able to write! From essays in grade school to articles in professional journals and parenting magazines, writing has been a passion of mine for most of my life. Of course, I like to write about what I am passionate about, that being pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. I have my own website for my home-based company, Birth and Breastfeeding Resources, at I sell baby slings and breastpumps from this site.

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Guest Jan 9, 2014 11:06:23 AM ET

Hi Maurenne, I'd like to ask a few questions about travel and second hand smoke during pregnancy. Can I email you directly or best ask/comment publicly here? I'm 7 weeks pregnant. Thanks, Ive

Elizabeth Jan 9, 2014 01:52:54 PM ET

Hello ive, please feel free to ask your questions here. thank you!

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