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Ginger For Morning Sickness

Allison Hutton


So, everyone tells you you're eating for two. The only problem is, you can't keep enough food down for one. Have you considered using ginger?

Ginger has long been used as a remedy for nausea, morning sickness, and menstrual cramps, to name a few. Ginger contains compounds that are similar to the digestive enzymes found within the digestive tract, so it's helps in the settling of the stomach and in digestion of foods.

Upon waking in the morning, have a glass of ginger tea or ginger ale. Be sure, however, to read the label on your ginger ale. If the product contains artificial flavorings, there is a great chance it contains little (or no) real ginger. You can also indulge in some Ginger Snap cookies. Grate some fresh ginger into tea or add it to other food recipes. Sucking on candied ginger can relieve motion or morning sickness. You can also take ginger in capsule form, which can be found at most nutrition stores, or in the herbal departments of pharmacies.

As with any medication, consult your physician or midwife before using. Because the use of ginger can increase bile secretions, it should not be used by those with gall stones, risk of premature labor, or other serious conditions.

Putting the Brakes on Morning Sickness FDA Approves ReliefBand Ginger & Vitamin B-6

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