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Baby Calendar Month 10


Month 10 Baby Development

Baby might not seem to be slowing down in any discernible way, but actually he is. His growth is slowing and that might mean less of an appetite or the start of some picky eating habits. However, nothing else may be too slow.

Baby might be obsessed with climbing so if you've stashed items up high because they are dangerous, recognize they are likely also quite attractive. Even if you can't visualize how, these items may also be in reach now. Never underestimate how a baby might scoot a chair or lumber up a ladder.

Babies are quick and becoming little problem-solvers. As baby's mental capabilities are developing, expect some flattery in the form of imitation. Expect to see your gestures and expressions copied while baby gurgles away on her toy phone, or for baby to brush his teeth his something approximating a toothbrush. Your infant will also mimic your intonation and if you aren't listening too closely you might just be convinced you are missing out on a real conversation. Actually, if you don't participate with baby you will be missing out on a great language building opportunity. Go ahead and respond as if baby knows what you're saying, and as if you know what he is saying.

Some less cute behaviors may start popping up around now as well. While it may be alarming, it is generally harmless. It may include banging his head on the floor, or against the crib, pulling hair (his or yours) or biting. This behavior could be a result of frustration or just one of those stages we hear so much about. Whatever you do, don't overreact. The attention will make a repeat performance a sure thing. Instead, go to your strengths; redirection or distraction with a more fun toy or activity.

Nutritional Needs

Baby might be ready for some more grown up food choices, such as table food now, especially if she has more teeth now and has begun to self spoon-feed. Try for 1/3 a cup of dairy such as yogurt, cottage cheese or pasteurized soft cheese. Soft vegetables or fruits which are mashed or cubed should add up to 1/4 to 1/2 a cup daily of both. Other foods can include pureed meats, eggs, tofu and baby cereals. Aim for 1/3 cup of protein, 1/4 -1/2 cup of cereal and add 3 to 4 ounces of non-citrus fruit juice to have a balanced growing baby diet.

Health Concerns

Around the time baby's diet changes from pureed baby foods to table foods some little ones will experience constipation. Constipation doesn't mean not going, it means the bowel movements are hard and dry and perhaps rather uncomfortable to pass. You'll know because baby will fuss, turn red and squirm more than usual and possibly cry. To deal with infant constipation, add some more water to baby's liquid diet. If that's unsuccessful give apple, pear or prune juice (2-4 ounces to start) or pureed pears or prunes. You can also apply a dab of water-based lubricant to the opening of baby's anus. If all these remedies don't work, consult with your child's pediatrician. Do not use laxatives, enemas, or mineral oil however.

Tips for Mom and Dad

Sometimes those milestone charts don't comfort parents at all. In fact, despite the disclaimer that all babies develop on their own timetables, sometimes those charts worry parents unnecessarily. For instance while some babies are standing or cruising and a few walking at this point, many other are happily just sitting unsupported and starting to crawl. Actual red flags would be a baby who drags one side of her body consistently, is unable to sit, doesn't seem interested or engaged in his environment, doesn't respond to her name or loud sounds, or refuses to gesture or make eye contact. If baby exhibits these warning signs, or your parental instincts just nag at you that something's awry talk to your pediatrician. Regular development screening tests are advised to get an accurate appraisal of baby's growth and development. Keep in mind that babies don't develop all skills in specific order or at a consistent pace. They typically have spurts and lulls in development, which is why regular screenings are so much more helpful than a single test.

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Calista92 Dec 12, 2012 05:48:21 PM ET

This article helped me feel so relieved. I thought that it was a bad thing that my wee one hadn't started to walk yet, but I figured it would be one of those things that she figured out on her own time. Thank you for confirming that.

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Renee May 15, 2005 04:53:32 AM ET

I am very excited about my daughters first birthday. I have already started planning the guest list, food, and games for all the other children that are coming. I am sure that she will have the best time.

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