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Baby Calendar Month 7


Baby Development at 7 Months

Babies at 7 months are becoming emotional creatures, both expressing and beginning to recognize them in others, especially you. This is why it's very important not to send babies mixed messages, by saying "No!" but then laughing at their antics.

Baby enjoys squealing and having the joy of seeing you run into the room, too. While you don't want to ignore their cries, you probably know the difference between an annoyed whine and a truly scared or hurt wail. Give the whiner a few minutes to work it out, perhaps saying something reassuring from the next room or popping into the doorway for a moment before returning soon after. You want baby to know you are there for him, but that he is an independent capable little person also.

Seven month old babies are also verbalizing more. Some times the syllables strung together will result in "Mama" or "Dada". Don't congratulate yourself on a genius yet! Babies will accidentally produce words, not yet connecting them up to the person or object named. That's OK. Soon it will all be clear, and all the practice brings that day closer.

Babies love baths during this age period often. To make the most of the time, let baby experiment with toys and objects to see what floats and what sinks to the bottom. It's probably pretty similar to the game she plays with you, maybe unwillingly on your part, of dropping things from the highchair. Baby will be learning more about the objects you name, how they sink or float, and practicing his grasp.

Baby will be moving around in new ways. One option is to cruise along the couch or tables, holding on for support as she goes. While many new parents get nervous watching their little one amble about, often rather unsteadily, it's important not to hover. You want baby to build confidence and independence. Just make sure nothing will tip over, and that rugs are not going to slip from beneath his feet. Yes, some tumbles and bumps are inevitable. Just kiss the boo-boos and don't act like a paramedic is necessary and baby will go back at it, a little more skilled each time.

While you brush off baby and send them back to cruising, take a moment to look closely in her eyes. Notice any changes? By seven months many babies' eye color will change to the permanent color.

Nutritional Needs

When babies begin eating, it can be difficult at times to read their responses. Just because you get sprayed with squash does not mean it was an unpopular choice. Baby is not skilled at tongue, lips and mouth coordination. It's a skill that must be practiced. Load a small amount on the end of the spoon and give baby time to lick, lap or gobble. If baby insists on grabbing the spoon from you, make sure it's not fully loaded or you'll both end up likely needing a shower.

You may also introduce a sippy cup during this time. Again, it's going to take some practice to master these dinner time skills, so allot adequate time. A rushed meal with a baby is not going to do anyone any good.

Health Concerns

While baby will not be seeing the doctor this month, there may be some issues cropping up about now. Teething pain may be cranking up around the seventh month. To ease baby's pain, offer her a wet cool washcloth or frozen bagel bits. Just make sure baby doesn't get too big a chunk and choke. Baby might get teeth coming in at odd angles or odd ways. Don't worry, they typically settle into the correct position once the full set arrives.

Tips for Mom and Dad

Separation anxiety often shows up around this time. This normal stage just means baby is not happy about you being away from him. It might happen when you have a sitter, when Grandma comes to visit, or even when you take a shower.

While the most tender-hearted parent might be manipulated into staying at baby's side until the emotions settle down, it won't be the best option. Tell baby ahead of time what's going to occur, whether it's an outing while she has a sitter, or you're expecting company or you're going to the garage for a minute while Daddy watches her. She might not get everything you're saying, but be certain she does understand your tone.

Tell your company, even if it's favorite Aunt Lil to give baby a chance to warm up to them, and never just grab a crying tyke from your arms. Letting baby gradually get comfortable and appraise the situation will help more than abrupt transitions.

Expect separation anxiety to disturb baby's sleeping habits at times too. Just aim for comfort, consistency but don't go back to square one or you'll be stuck in that stage for some time to come. For instance, if baby had been sleeping alone for months, it's OK to go into the room and pat his back a moment and speak softly. Don't drag in a sleeping bag and stay by his side all night, however.

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Guest May 10, 2013 02:36:47 PM ET

My baby is 7 month she jikes stand on her leg and move around

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Concerned Mommy Jan 7, 2013 05:01:45 PM ET

My son will be 7 months on the 21 of jan and he doesnt roll over, he just started sitting up on his own and he doesnt pull himself up.. should i be worried

Reply | Report

Jken Nov 3, 2012 04:03:26 AM ET

My baby just turned Seven Months today! He doesn't roll over much, he would rather stand up. He can sit very good and he loves to play while he's sitting. He started to take steps with help when he was Five Months old. Changing eye color sounds very interesting. Thanks for this info.

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Sarah Sep 29, 2010 12:41:06 AM ET

My son is trying really hard to crawl and is doing a pretty good job at getting there but he'd much rather stand or hold your fingers and walk slowly while jumping up and down in between. Im so proud of my little guy.

Reply | Report

kerry Jul 19, 2010 05:12:59 AM ET

My baby is 7mths, and wont sit up she hates it...she loves to stand and is contemplating crawling but goes to show u all babies are different.

Reply | Report

gul Feb 11, 2010 04:16:25 AM ET

Thanks alot for a so much nice information... :)

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munira Dec 27, 2008 04:21:02 AM ET

My baby start crawling at 6 month and now he is 7++ month.. now, he's able to pull himself up to standing position and moving along the furniture. sometimes, he'd always try to let go his hand from the furniture while he's standing and try to stand on his own... but, of course, he's not able to stand yet and fall down for several times... still, he never give up...

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