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Baby Calendar Month 8


Baby Development at Month 8

This month you might notice some new moves in baby's repertoire such as combining moves, like creeping across the floor with a toy in hand, or going from standing position to a sitting one. However, expect the transitions to still be rather jerky. You might even find your little one crying while standing in his crib because he's forgotten how to get back down. Babies vary greatly in the exact timetable or even precise order of many of these physical skills, but one thing is certain. She'll be practicing, practicing and practicing every waking moment.

Her awareness of the world around her is increasing as well. Besides recognizing herself as a separate entity from you and others, she is also aware that just because you put her pacifier or favorite toy in the other room doesn't mean it's really gone.

Some of this awareness creates a bit of discomfort at times, though. Expect fears to creep into baby's moods now. This might be the fear of strangers, or even loved ones if they don't see them all the time, loud sounds even if they are familiar, and with all the motor development a fear of falling is normal. Baby has a better depth perception now and all that experimentation with dropping things has brought about the realization that he might just fall too.

Baby's eyesight is pretty close to being as accurate as your own now and that combined with all the playing means she can swipe much more precisely at toys in her reach. She might also be working on that pincer grasp and will relish the opportunity to pick up little bits of cereal or other treats while in the highchair.

Nutritional Needs

Because mealtimes are so interesting now, with plenty of practice for self-feeding with finger foods, baby may lose interest in bottle or breastfeeding a bit. However, baby still needs formula or breastmilk to be the main staple of the diet. Give the bottle or offer nursing sessions at the beginning of meal times when baby is most hungry. If you start with table or baby foods, the appetite and interest level may be reduced and baby may not get all the nutrients needed.

Health Concerns

Babies this age put everything in their mouths and so choking and poisoning are real concerns for parents. Prepare for the possibility of choking by taking an infant CPR class. Also, keep a sharp eye out for little objects baby might find a way to grab. Write down the poison control number and keep it in a handy location, as well as programming it into your cell phone. You'll want it somewhere easy to see in case something occurs when Grandma or a sitter is with baby.

Tips for Mom and Dad

Baby has already learned a lot about communication. She reads expressions better on your face and hears your tone and recognizes when you are serious or playful. He also knows how to let you know how he's feeling, although he can't quite explain why yet. This frustration of not being able to communicate leads to tantrums as baby gets a bit older especially. Many parents try teaching sign language to their children around this age. Simple signs for things like, "Hungry", "Help", "Milk", "Cold", or "Drink" can be taught easily. Many parents believe teaching baby some signs aids their vocabulary and language development as well as easing some frustration.

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gracie Ruiz May 1, 2011 05:09:24 PM ET

My daughter is 8 months old she doesnt like wen i leave her.. she cries n cries always wants to b in my arms.. shecrawls n goes on her knees.. i wonder wen she would say mama.. :)

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kayley Feb 22, 2011 11:52:42 PM ET

My 8month old has been sitting up since he was 6months, he loves being on his feet and has been strong on his feet since he was about 4 months :) hes started getting attached to me now :( dont like leaving him to go to college :(

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Robin Aug 18, 2010 02:07:38 PM ET

My daughter does everything but pick food up, she'll pick up toys with two fingers but she doesnt like touching food lol. She is now to the point when I even walk out of the room she screams. But when we leaver her with someone else she's fine.

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rose Aug 2, 2010 03:17:01 PM ET

I think babies are cute when there 8 month old

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Emily May 29, 2010 12:31:23 AM ET

My 8 month old has been sitting up by herself since she was 4 and a half months, crawling since she was 5 and a half months and is not standing on her own and starting to walk. How crazy quick do they grow up? And she is also very attatched to me, hates not being with me!

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renee amir Apr 12, 2010 01:17:20 AM ET

My 8 month old loves me and her daddy and her grandma to pieces...and she has been sitting up on her own since she was only 6 months old!

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mell.p Apr 1, 2010 06:28:30 AM ET

My 8mthn old daugter is crazy for her mother i call her panda bear cuz she never want to let me go she always on my side and never wnts to go with anyone else but i warms my heart n i hate to leave her

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Gabby Nov 3, 2008 07:14:15 PM ET

Well i think its true. if my 8 mon. old baby cant see me he starts going ballistic.he yells and cries. if someone wants to pick him up he wont go with them he would look for me and want me to get him. i have seen that he sits up by himself.

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ani Apr 16, 2005 06:41:19 AM ET

Its true! its heart wrenching everytime i go to work and i have to leave my 8myh daughter.she strated to cry and wont let go.

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