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Baby Calendar Week 2


Week 2 Baby Development

Baby might be a bit more demanding with the on-demand feeding this week, asĀ  two-week old's often have a growth spurt about now.

If your baby boy was circumcised, that area should be healed by now. If there is any bleeding or oozing from the site, call your physician. Also, baby's umbilical cord stump should be falling off any moment now. With both of those healed, it's probably time to begin tub baths.

Your baby's hearing continues to improve and you may notice different types of responses from baby to different types of noises. Loud sudden noises may elicit a startled response, or perhaps blinking. However, your baby has only one clear method of communicating now, and that is crying. Probably by the end of the month, you and baby will be in tune and you'll be able to determine if that cry means hungry, bored, lonely, or wet. Baby's brain is growing and everything bit of interaction between you two is advancing that growth. It's natural for you to speak in higher tones with baby, and it seems baby is particularly responsive to that pitch. Talk to baby throughout the day, sing, play and watch baby soak it all in. You're feeding baby's brain with all that interaction. Little by little you'll notice other cues from baby besides crying, such as sounds and blinks, or eyes that brighten.

Baby loves and knows your scent already, and if you leave something with your scent near him, he'll recognize it and be comforted. Baby also loves other sweet smells, and enjoys bright contrast in patterns and colors. Songs that baby heard in utero will be familiar to her as well.

Baby's movements will involve both sides of the body typically, and will often be jerky in nature. Baby's skin might not be picture perfect now. It's quite typical for newborns to develop acne, by rest assured, by month three or so it should be all cleared up. It requires no special care or extra washing, in fact too much soap or scrubbing will lead to more irritation. No special creams or ointments are necessary either. Hormones are the culprit, and boys seem more affected. Just wash face with warm water and pat dry. Milia, those tiny white bumps on baby's face, require no special treatment, either. Do not attempt to pop or pinch the little bumps.

Tips for Mom and Dad

Baby baths be a stressful event for parents and baby alike, but with some preparation and a relaxed attitude, it can be a fun, bonding experience with baby. First, choose a good spot for the bath, and think in terms of ease for reaching what you need to and warmth for baby, as your newborn becomes chilled quickly. Also, make certain you have a sturdy place for the bath, maybe the kitchen counter or table, a bed top, or even the floor. Have everything gathered together in advance. Put a nice soft towel around baby and expose only the body part you are washing to keep baby warm.

When baby's a little older, you won't need the towel but for the first few weeks when baby's thermostat is not the best, you'll want to keep baby warm. You'll want to have your arm around baby's back and keep your hand in baby's armpit while washing with opposite hand. Start with the face and use warm water. You should put only a few inches of warm water in the tub. Use cotton balls on the eyes, and only wash hair if you think it needs a shampooing, using a gentle shampoo. If baby has crusty cradle cap, use a soft brush before washing. Then cover up the head, and move down the body, paying special attention to folds and creases. You may use a mild baby soap if you think baby is dirty. Always cover the washed area back up once finished to keep baby warm. Lean baby forward to wash the back, never letting the baby free from your secure grip. Talk and sing to baby while you give the bath, maybe starting a ritual.

After the bath, you don't have to apply lotion and shouldn't use powder, as baby can inhale it. Dress and hold the baby, making sure he or she isn't cold. Don't be surprised if baby pees during or right after the bath. Seems babies love to pee when they feel the air or water! While the first few times may seem awkward or even stressful, eventually you'll find a rhythm and routine to it.

Many babies look forward to baths as their evening wind-down, but don't take it personally if your baby frowns or cries through the whole thing. Babies seem to go through stages in their love or hate relationship with bath time. Newborns don't need bathed more than a few times a week, especially if you change diapers promptly and wipe the face with warm water after each feeding.

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