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Emily May 25, 2010 01:13:31 PM ET

Arica- I had a stillbirth on June 3, 2009. My sister and I were pregnant at the same time. She felt so guilty because I lost my baby and she didn't. I can tell you first hand that although it was the hardest thing I ever had to go through, I would never resent my sister or her baby. I was very sad but at the same time was very happy for her. I wouldn't worry about that - although they are going through a hard time right now, I'm sure they love you and will love your baby also. Just be cautious with your words around them because everyone is different with how they handle things, and I'm sure they will come around when they have healed a little. I wish them and you my best.

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Heather Jan 26, 2010 03:13:29 AM ET

I'm 20 an pregnant with my first child and i'm 15 weeks one day as of today an my due date is July 18 i cant wait to find out what me an my honey are having :) we're so excited! i will know when my 2nd ultrasound is next Monday when i see my OBGYN and he schedules it and then we will know the sex at that appointment!!

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Candace Jan 14, 2010 05:48:13 PM ET

Arica - My daugher Sophia was stillborn due to a DVT (clot) in the cord back on 8/4/2009. It is a heart breaking life changing situation. All you can say to your Brother and Sister-in-law is "I am sorry for your loss"...nothing more. I got so many idiotic words from friends and family like it was meant to be, you can always have another or just ignoring the fact that she existed. I miss her so much and I am forever changes. She took a large part of me with her to heaven. I like to think that I was blessed to hold her every moment of her life - you may want to share that with your SIL. I am now pregnant with my 3rd daughter (15 weeks) and have so many mixed emotions. I wish you and your family a peaceful recovery. Time is the only measure of healing.

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Arica Martindale Jan 3, 2010 01:36:52 AM ET

My brother and sister-in-law had a still born baby girl on Monday December 28, 2009.It was their first. My husband and I are expecting our third in June and I am so devestated by all of this, I don't know what to do. Does anyone have any experience in these types of things. My family has always been so close and I am afriad they are going to resent us and this baby.

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Rachel Dec 6, 2009 09:44:45 PM ET

In two days i find out the sex of my baby! i will be 15w 2d, i am exicted!

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jeanie Oct 12, 2009 04:58:21 AM ET

To dana, when i was pregnant with my daughter they told me the same thing and she came out fine. my friend who is pregnant they also told her that because the baby was bigger then the due date. so dont worry to much ok, i know that sounds hard but pray and it shall be ok.

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dana Sep 12, 2009 11:16:38 PM ET

I have just found out that I need to take a cvs test as my baby has a 1 in 104 chance of having down syndrome I am very very scared because I don't know what the test results will be and the blood work and ultrasound are wrong a lot. Right now I am 13w 6d I have my csv on friday which would make me 14w 4d and the cut of for cvs is 15w im so scared I might lose my baby =(

Des Jul 24, 2013 07:19:19 AM ET

Don't be scared just relax. i have a son who is 15 mo he has down syndrome and and heart murmur. he does fine he's slowly learning to sit up on his own and stand. my point is whether its positive or negative the baby will thrive on love and with encouragement and patience he/she will be great! i wish you the best god bless!

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Liz Mar 18, 2009 01:07:07 AM ET

They usually wait until about 20 weeks I believe. However, I had an ultrasound a couple of days shy of 15 weeks, and it was already apparent we are having a boy!

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Tiffany Oct 15, 2008 02:28:10 PM ET

I Am also 15 weeks and i will be finding out what im having when im 18 weeks just ask your doctor when you will be able to find out maybe he will speed it up a lil if he/she is just trying to put it off

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Mikayla Jul 5, 2006 02:53:36 PM ET

I am currently 15 weeks pregnant, I was curious as to when you usually find out the sex of the baby? I know the genitals are fully developed but how long before they can spot them in an ultrasound?

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