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Pregnancy Week 16


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Fetal Development Images - Pregnancy  16
Week 16 fetal development image showing the fetal growth of your baby to date. Medical Illustration Copyright © 2008 Nucleus Medical Art, All rights reserved

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Your Baby's Development This Week

Development has reached a unique milestone, as the baby and the placenta are now roughly the same size. Every day, the baby is looking more like an adorable newborn, with fat deposits building up under the skin, and the neck and head straightening more, also the eyes and ears have moved into their final position. The eyes can perceive light although the eyelids remain sealed shut. The heart pumps 25 quarts of blood per day, which may sound like a lot until you consider that by week 40, that number will rise to 1900 quarts a day! Baby's heart rate is twice yours. The activity level continues to increase as baby may be contending with hiccups, and is breathing underwater. The baby is now around 3 ounces, perhaps up to 3 1/2 ounces, and is 4 1/2 to 5 inches in length.

Pregnancy Symptoms You May Feel During Week 16

You might be starting to 'feel pregnant' right now, and with good reason. Besides the growing baby, you are also accommodating a uterus that now weighs in around 8 1/2 ounces, a growing placenta, and the amniotic fluid weighs about 7 1/2 ounces. The 50% increase in blood circulation gives mom that pregnant "glow" you hear so much about. Also, the hormones influence the oil glands, and thus you might slide right past glow into downright shiny. Try using oil-free cleansers and make up products to diminish the problem.

Visit With the Obstetrician

The doctor might ask this week if you've been feeling any movement yet from baby. This exciting moment of pregnancy occurs anywhere from week 16 to week 20, depending on your build, position, and if this is first pregnancy. The way the movement has been described ranges from butterfly fluttering sensation, a bubbling, to a tickling feeling.

Another pregnancy side effect you might be dealing with now is congestion. Be sure to ask your doctor for some comfort tips for this annoying symptom. Most likely things like saline nose spray, nasal strips, using a humidifier, and placing petroleum jelly under nose, will be among the suggestions.

Preparing for Baby

The baby has now reached the point of development where gender may be able to be detected on a sonogram. Of course, a lot of this is luck, that the timing is just right for the baby to be in the right position so that the genital area can be clearly seen. Have you decided if you want to know the sex ahead of time? It's time to decide now if you haven't! While it might be fun and exciting for some couple to find out at the birth, many others feel it helps them to prepare for the child better if they know ahead of time. They can plan the nursery, buy gender specific clothing, and narrow in on name choices. Some even say they feel more closely bonded with the baby when they know their child's gender before the birth.

Pregnancy Lifestyle

If the glow of pregnancy seems more of a joke to you, perhaps you're feeling more shiny than glowing, or at the other end of the spectrum, feeling rather tired and faded, consider a mini-make-over day. Head out to the mall, to the department store cosmetic counters or one of the dedicated cosmetic stores and let them give you a free make over and some tips. It might just perk up your day, and should perk up your skin and make up routine. Best of all, it's free, as long as you don't indulge in buying every recommended product!

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Guess Dec 12, 2018 01:32:00 PM ET

I'm 16 weeks and 2 days pregnant so far I'm very emotional and I cry for every thing. I'm always sleeping - no energy... I'm just curious of what I'm having but my ultrasound will be in 3 weeks.

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Divine Nov 25, 2018 12:55:49 AM ET

16 weeks 3 days today. This is my third pregnancy. My first (girl) I craved spicy foods, feet, face, and legs swelled up. I had preeclampsia towards the end. With my second pregnancy (twin girls) I worked full time but resigned after having fainting spells with anemia. I ended up having to have a blood transfusion before and after the birth..and continued iron infusions there after for 1 1/2 months. It was not fun but it saved my life. I wasn't consuming foods with enough iron and didnt take my iron pills as often as I should've since it made me even more consitatpated. A baby, (esp. twins) can be a parasite to the body if the body is not getting enough nutrients. With this third pregnancy, I'm hungry a lot, but more constipated so I try to consume more water. It has helped. I feel a hellof alot more energy than I did with my other pregnancies. I craved sour, salty, and spicy foods. I work full time. I'm 16 weeks 3days. Early on my nipples were extremly sore. I had extreme nausea in the first trimester. But it went a way fast. I feel my baby movements now. Its not hard but I still feel them (: This pregnancy really differs from the others. I feel its a boy (:

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Makyla Nov 12, 2018 01:06:55 PM ET

I am currently 16 weeks and 4 days. Will I be able to see the gender at my next scan, which is 16 weeks and 7 days to be exact?

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Sammi Sep 8, 2018 12:53:12 PM ET

Hi, I'm 16 weeks 2 days with my first. She has been absolutely everywhere since about week 14. She likes to ride high since week 10 (took the ob 2 min to find her since she wasn't where she was supposed to be). I don't feel her move, but, I can feel where she ends up. I am very excited and nervous about the months to come. If she is this active now, imagine how it will be in just a few weeks.

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Emma May 21, 2018 01:17:19 PM ET

I'm 16 weeks and 4 days, it's my 3rd child and my last. Both of my pregnancy's have been completely different. First one was a nightmare, sick all the way through, headaches, feet swelled up, always Ill passed out a lot (girl). 2nd one was brilliant, walked all the way through with no problems, did a lot of exercise, didn't stop. I had a lot of energy (boy) and this pregnancy's just so tired and have no energy, feet swell up, headaches, and sick a lot, go dizzy, funny feeling. I'm carrying a girl again.

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Patricia Apr 7, 2018 12:07:40 AM ET

I am 16 weeds 4 days. I have been feeling completely fine these past few weeks and happy. 1st trimester was a lot of nausea and I think I have felt little movements from baby last week i think I'm sure. Sometimes lower back pain but other then that I am looking forwards to the future with this baby (my 2nd) 1st miscarriage. Thanks

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Guest Mar 19, 2018 01:31:56 AM ET

I'm 16 weeks and 2 days pregnant but, I have not noticed my tummy is getting bigger than the usual 16 weeks pregnant mum.

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Marie Feb 1, 2018 01:15:00 PM ET

I feel ok but, sometimes I am tired.

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Nur Jan 9, 2018 01:08:37 AM ET

I'm 16+4 weeks today. The first visible movement I felt was since 13 weeks and now the baby's so active I can feel every movement. This is my second pregnancy and it's so much different to first. First one I barely felt anything, with this one I have all symptoms. Just now it has eased but, I have a lot of migraines and lower pains. I also feel the baby's very low. Hope it's normal.

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Tammy Dec 8, 2017 12:14:14 AM ET

I feel sleepy all the time and I am sick. I don't keep food down very well. I wake up at night and then I just want to go back to sleep.

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