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Pregnancy Week 23


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Your Baby's Development This Week

The baby is probably now just over a pound and a little over 11 inches long. The body is proportioned like a newborn, minus the body fat. The bones of the middle ear are hardening. Male voices are more easily heard by baby than female. If born now, the baby has a 15% chance of survival. Lanugo, the fine body hair, has darkened. The organs are still visible through the skin.

Pregnancy Symptoms You May Feel During Week 23

Your weight gain is probably in the 12-15 pound range. The uterus is now positioned directly above the bladder, which can be quite uncomfortable at times, and may also lead to leaking. It is important to determine whether the liquid is urine or possibly amniotic fluid. The simplest way to tell? The sniff test. Amniotic fluid is odorless, so if no smell is detected, contact healthcare provider immediately.

Skin issues are becoming more noticeable now as well. You might be surprised to see the linea negra, a vertical line running down your abdomen. It has always been there, but due to hyper pigmentation you might be aware of it for the first time. That hyper pigmentation is also responsible for darker freckles and areolas.

Other skin issues are those unsightly stretch marks, appearing as dark pink or purple often, on stomach, breasts, hips, and buttocks most often. The good news, they will at least fade to a fainter hue after the baby arrives. You can try rubbing different lotions into them, but most likely the outcome will be determined by genetics not skincare.

Other skin issues include those little growths called skin tags. They might disappear after childbirth, or you might need the doctor to snip them off. Another skin oddity attributable to hormones is the appearance of red palms and soles.

Visit With the Obstetrician

It is important to remember that no medication or supplement should be taken without a doctor's OK. Things that might be thought of as benign or harmless can be quite dangerous during pregnancy. Lots of people take nutritional supplements or herbal remedies and think of them as safe because they are natural, but many things can cause miscarriage or contractions, or hurt the placenta or growing baby. Never take anything without checking first.

Preparing for Baby

If you haven't done so already, it's definitely time to get your maternity leave settled with your employer. Make sure you know the law, company policies, and your own preferences. Do you want to take off before the baby's due date? Waiting for labor to begin? Are you going to take a full leave, then return to your regular schedule or will you ease back into it? Does your company have a daycare on site? Will a relative be helping out? Have you found a good nanny? Will you be using a home daycare provider or sending your child to a center? Or will you be pondering staying home more permanently? So many choices and decisions and you've not even met the little one yet. However, it's important not to put off the decision-making. The longer you wait to decide, the fewer choices that will be open to you.

Pregnancy Lifestyle

The stress might be building up now as the pregnancy hormones are raging, the pregnancy is more than half over and you are obviously to the world at large, expecting a new life. Make sure you are doing the basics:

  • staying well rested,
  • hydrated,
  • and getting some regular physical activity (as permitted.)

You might want to start practicing more involved relaxation techniques, such as breathing techniques, visualization, stretching, and listening to relaxing music. Consider it practice for when the baby arrives, to help you relax during birth.

Pregnancy Week 23 Comfort Meter

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Guest Feb 5, 2015 03:27:55 PM ET

From what I have researched, and not just the normal two website research, you should only be eating 300 calories over what your normal caloric intake is. Being over weight after your pregnancy can make you depressed. Take care of yourself now, work out, eat GOOD food and only take in about 300 calories extra per day.

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Guest Oct 22, 2013 03:26:31 AM ET

I am 23 weeks pregnant and have gained 30 pounds since I found out I was pregnant. I was 100 pounds to start out so underweight. I want to know if anybody knows if that's normal since I was underweight or if I just need to slow down on the eating. I also don't usually feel full when I eat.

Guest Sep 18, 2014 02:48:29 PM ET

I believe you are supposed to gain 28 to 40lbs in your entire pregnancy if you start underweight.

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Guest Oct 7, 2013 01:04:17 PM ET

I'm 23 weeks pregnant. I'm 41 years old I have a son age 20,age 16, and 14 and I was a gestational surrogate mother for my friend. I delivered two children for her they are now 10 and 8. I'm so blessed I was recently remarried and was able to get pregnant 2 months after our wedding Blessed to have my fourth son who will be born February!

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tabi Jun 19, 2013 03:51:22 AM ET

Am 23 weeks to day feeling so great having a boy, after 2 miscariages,l feel so bblessed. Praying for all the new mom in the house

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alexandra Jun 14, 2013 06:51:58 PM ET

I am 23 weeks tomorrow n have gained 13 lbs. Seems like too much weight already :/ This is my 3rd baby n my 3rd boy. Very excited to see him but have a lot of worries. Dont have a name picked yet because wasnt sure he'd still be in there thanks to multiple ER visits but hes here n happy god has blessed us This pregnancy has been the hardest n felt like ive been on my death bed but feelin way better now. Hope it continues. E.D.D is 10/19/13, congrats to everyone

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Tanesha Peterson Jun 5, 2013 04:51:55 PM ET

I'am 23weeks and four days today. Im having a girl this will be my third girl. Was hoping for a boy so my son would have a playmate. But thankful that we are both healthy can't wait till 9-29-13

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danyeldemane May 29, 2013 06:31:02 PM ET

I am 23 weeks pregnant as of today. My husband and I are expecting our second child and also it will be our second little girl. We really wanted to try for a boy but my daughter who is going to be 3 this July said that it was going to be a girl before we found out that it was a girl and now she is super excited I am letting her make choices for her and her sisters bedroom. I cant wait to have both my girls with me all the time.

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Ash0217 Apr 12, 2013 07:28:51 PM ET

I'm very excited this time around I'm am 23 weeks today I'm having a boy something my husband and I worked for I thank God every time I have good from the docs I have no living children besides him I have had 5 losses this is so different I'm very happy Im praying for everyone on this site good luck and God bless his name is Zion e.d.d 08/08/13 also they have me on p shots really working well

kerry Apr 17, 2013 07:36:35 PM ET

Congratulations hun, sorry to hear ur loss, hope all goes well with the birth of ur son my e.d.d is 13/8/13 a baby girl :)

Jess Aug 18, 2013 11:13:13 AM ET

Reading this now, hope the birth of your baby was beautiful & he was born healthy. happy motherhood & congrats (:

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Christina Vega Mar 12, 2013 04:02:15 AM ET

I am 23 weeks pregnant and we are expecting a baby girl, So Excited ! My due date is July 2,2013. I just went to the doctor though and they told me my baby measurements were of a 28 week and 6 day baby and my due date would be May 16, 2013. Later another doctor came and measured my stomach and felt for the baby and said there is no way you can be 28 weeks. Also, they said that my babies weight was 3 pounds already. Uggh So confusing, I been waiting for almost 2 weeks so they can let me know my exact due date. Its just so complicated not knowing my due date, and too top it all off a have a really bad cough. I just can't wait tell my baby girl gets to be in my arms !

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princess Jan 31, 2013 01:42:32 PM ET

23 weeks and I'm having a boi this is my 1st child and can't wait to have him I'm so inlove with all his kicks and hiccups but I keep getting this tighting pain starting from my ribs all the way down and they hurt so bad so bad that they take my breath away and I find my self bending over like I'm going into labour after 5 mins they go why am I getting this I can't see my midwife or doctor till next week I did say about them before when I was 18 weeks and she said its bh contractions but if they are bh why am I getting them my family as got a lot of stillborns in the family my mum lost a boi at birth and so did my brothers girl friend not to say my husband prev girlfriend ad a still born to I'm so scared somethink wrong do any 1 else get this p.s I still get morning sickness most day so not sure if this could have somethink to do with it xx congrats on all the ladys who's add they babys and who will soon be a new mummy gudluk xx my god be with u xx

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