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Lili Aug 20, 2012 05:22:42 PM ET

Im 27 weeks, my second baby! im feeling horrible!! Cannot sleep, no sex life, a lot of back pain and swolling feet :( Shes been in position since week 20 so she has gotten the best of my ribs. Still ery excited for my baby girl since my first baby is a boy :) good luck girls!

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Erika Jul 26, 2012 10:47:20 PM ET

Im 24 years old and now 27 weeks pregnant. Im having a baby boy & it's my first pregnancy. Im loving all of it!

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Muntuza Jun 26, 2012 06:42:05 AM ET

M 29 years old & I am 27weeks pregnant with my 1st baby! I feel absolutely wonderful, I went to see my baby on scan 4 days ago and the dr confirmed that the baby has turned to the birth position which I felt the movements but I wasn't sure coz the told me it gonna be painful. Yet it wasn't @ all. I can't wait to meet my baby n hold him/her on my hands! My fiancee knows the sex of the baby coz I wanted to be a surprise n hiz too excited!

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Awol Jun 4, 2012 07:51:48 AM ET

Hi am 24 old and having my second baby but cant wait to hav this baby coz nose bleeding to the due date is affecting me,Heip.

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kesha Jun 1, 2012 03:55:54 AM ET

Ok im 27 weeks and 5 days with my first child i go back to the doctor in 3 more weeks how for along would i be then

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martha May 18, 2012 10:27:02 PM ET

Im 27years old and i 6kids im 27weeks and i jzt have to pee every 10mins but other then that i feel great i cant wait to see my baby girl and my final 2...

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caroline Apr 18, 2012 12:09:31 PM ET

This is my 4th child and im having ANOTHER girl! im 35 nearly and am really feeling it, my heartburn is making me so low and i just want to cry. but only 11 weeks and 5 days to go! No more for me!!!

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kiki Mar 16, 2012 03:52:09 AM ET

I feel exhausted everyday and sleepy most of the time cant wait till this is all over boutta be in ma third trimester in about another week and my baby is breech soo i might get a c section i really hope it turns around

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AN Jan 11, 2012 03:09:11 AM ET

Im 30 years old and almost 27 weeks pregnant with my 7th baby.Im feeling pretty good although I can tell that this isnt my first baby. Feeling alot of pressure in my pelvis at times and my varcoise viens have been bothering me.I have decided to stop running this week and walk instead. Im getting excited about meeting my new baby boy and love feeling him move.I never get tired of a new little miracle growing inside of me.What an amazing blessing!

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sherry Dec 26, 2011 07:29:31 PM ET

Correction doc said im feelin more muscle pains that you normally would not feel if it was my forst baby

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