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Nicole Dec 24, 2012 04:07:33 PM ET

I am 28 weeks today.... With a girl! Woot!Woot! I feel amazing, full of energy. I have a five year old boy and we are so excited for this new addition. The first four months were really rough with morning sickness that seemed to last all day! After four months its been a breeze. The big belly is not very comfortable but excited to still have so much energy still!

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Jacqueline Oct 18, 2012 11:37:22 AM ET

I am 28 weeks and this is my first pregnancy i am glad my baby is healthly though my body is tired. but soon my baby will be in my arms and the experience would of been worth the wait.

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Carol Oct 17, 2012 04:16:11 AM ET

Today I'm 28 weeks pregnant with my 3rd. This belly is the biggest out of all 3 and I am very uncomfortable. My back has started to hurt and I get sciatic nerve pain. I soooo want January to get here so I can hold my little baby, also to know what I'm having. It's a surprise.

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vania Oct 4, 2012 08:00:41 PM ET

I'm 28 weeks and 2 days im 15 gonna be 16 during the time my baby is gonna be born my birthday is december 30 nd she is supposed to be out december 27 and i am very happy but nervous about what's gonna happen i don't want a c-section but i read that when u give birth threw ur vagina and u don't know or haven't got much learning about it sometimes u don't know the right why to push in the right spot is that true?

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jessica Sep 11, 2012 07:44:52 PM ET

Im 28 weeks with my first ...its a boy!. I sometimes feel some pain in my back but other than that im sleeping fine and feel ok.

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Ana Aug 27, 2012 03:41:51 PM ET

Im at 28 weeks, second baby i have a boy almost 3! and is been so much harder than my first since now I cant sleep all the time or rest because i have to run around all the time after my baby boy.The only good thing is that im not swelling yet and my belly is not that big eventhough sleeping has been hard since my lil princess moves around so much and kicks alot :/ Cant wait till november :) good luck to all of U!

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Destiny Matias Aug 23, 2012 02:36:27 AM ET

I am 28 weeks amd i am not getting any good rest!! i just cant get comfortable at all!! im having lower back pains and ive been swelling too!! this is the hardest month so far and i know its gonna get worse!!

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Ladyne Aug 17, 2012 11:39:43 AM ET

Iam in my 28 weeks,feeling so tired already and experiencing Lower Back pain which comes and go....I am so happy to have made such progress cant wait for my Baby to be born

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milly May 31, 2012 09:42:17 AM ET

Am 28 and not showing could there been a problem.

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Shantel Mar 20, 2012 09:41:47 PM ET

I'm 28 Weeks & 3 Days . I Am Losing So Much Sleep At Night Now But I'm Happy To Be In The Last Trimester . My Son Is Very Low Already So I'm Kind Of Afraid To Walk Everyday Although I Hear It Makes Labor Easier . Guess Ill Just Ask My OBGYN. Congrats To The New Mothers :) This Is My First As Well . Hope Everyone Enjoys Being A Mommy

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