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Pregnancy Week 36 Comments & Discussion

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Camilla Jul 6, 2018 01:48:07 PM ET

I'm 36 weeks pregnant and I have back pain, heartburn, and abdomen pain. Please help me!

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Jane Jan 26, 2018 12:42:08 AM ET

I'm 36 weeks and my bf said my vagina is getting bigger.

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Lerato Matebele Dec 29, 2017 02:31:48 PM ET

I'm 38 years and expecting. 3 children, first son 10 years,princess 4 years and my last is a boy. I'm 36 weeks. My baby's movements are low. I'm feeling back pain,heart burn and tired all day. I can't wait to hold my little one in my arms.

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Keshia 86 Apr 8, 2017 10:14:47 PM ET

I'm 36 weeks pregnant and scared, and having a lot of pelvic pains. Help

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Grace Jan 18, 2017 07:59:35 AM ET

I'm 35 weeks and my back hurts, my pelvic area hurts. But other than that I'm excited, I can't wait to meet my baby. But I'm also going to miss my huge bump. I LOVE BEING PREGNANT. Every single day of this journey has been amazing. And I would definitely do it all over again!

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Ashleydavenport Sep 4, 2016 08:26:39 AM ET

I'm 36 weeks and 6 days and I'm having bad pelvic pain, my back hurts, my sides hurt, it hurts and feels sore under my breasts. I can't sleep at night. I have bad heartburn and I throw up in my mouth a little. Ewwwww. but, Ugh. Am I close to my labor?

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Jenn Aug 23, 2016 12:54:25 PM ET

I'm 36 weeks and I can relate to all of your symptoms. I have horrible pelvic pain and waddling is my new walk. I prefer to stay in bed or sit because it is worst when I walk. I'm excited to meet my princess. Good luck to all!!

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Emma Aug 17, 2016 07:05:03 PM ET

I am 36 weeks today and this is my 3rd little girl. I have a fairly big age gap of 14 years between my youngest to this one. I feel like crap, my legs hurt, my belly hurts, everything aches!

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raynetta Apr 24, 2015 05:40:05 AM ET

I am 36 weeks pregnant and having my 2nd baby girl. I am happy at one point, but I am also scared and nervous. My foot pains me a lot.

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lizelle Apr 13, 2015 06:16:58 AM ET

I'm 36 weeks and feel excited for my baby. It's my third child, but at the same time, I feel lonely, because my husband doesn't spend time with me. He's always too tired for me. I'm SAD AND LONELY.

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