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Pregnancy Week 37 Comments & Discussion | Page 5

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ELIZABETH Sep 17, 2009 04:53:03 AM ET


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Peace Philips Sep 10, 2009 08:11:35 PM ET

I'm 37 weeks. Feeling the D-day is approaching..still strong though having back pains. Cant wait to embrace my baby...

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Latoya Sep 6, 2009 04:54:31 PM ET

I am 37 weeks and I am so over being pregnant, this is my last child i have had 2 premature births and 2 induced births and this child has been the hardest, very unpredictable and i just want her to come so I can end my journey. This is my last child and I want this to be OVER!!!! I guess I should savor the moment..but NAH!! Come on ALREADY!

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Michelle Sep 3, 2009 04:36:33 PM ET

In my 37th week...I've had a great time. Hips and back are starting to get sore. Definitely ready to have the baby and find out boy or girl! Bring it on, I'm ready! :)

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Dawn Aug 21, 2009 04:31:43 PM ET

I am in week 37 and am so ready for this to be over with. I am so tired and have so much trouble sleeping from the stomach and low back pain. Not to mention the excitement to meet my little boy!

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Kendra Cooley Apr 4, 2009 04:36:35 PM ET

Im 37 weeks and Im ready to get it over with. Come on out baby! Im just trying to do everything before the DueDay and my mother's arrival. Too overwhelming I guess. This is my 1st and I dont know what to expect.

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Erika Feb 1, 2009 04:43:05 AM ET

Oh my gosh, my whole lower body hurts! plus, Im dying to meet my twins! 37 weeks is rare for twins, and I can see why! Im huge, and sore. can't these babies make their way in sooner rather than later?!

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Jody Nov 3, 2008 02:52:40 PM ET

Am 36 weeks but my doctor says am at 37 weeks so will i go soon i hope so

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Sandy Oct 18, 2008 12:48:16 PM ET

Just saw the doc yesterday .... This is my 4th , he is due on Halloween ! I have been ahving hip , back , and pelvic pain , but I woke up this morning to some spotting . Not a lot just a little - not sure whether to be alarmed or not - doc checked me yesterday , so maybe that's why ? NO regular contractions either . Any one ? Ikow I should be some sort of expert by now - but I'm not ....

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Erica Oct 16, 2008 08:24:50 PM ET

37 weeks and tired,so far this has been my worst week!! lots of anxiety and soooo drained

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