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Pregnancy Week 38


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Your Baby's Development This Week

You might be thinking all your heartburn and indigestion the last several months is contagious the way your baby may be hiccuping now. It's from all that practice breathing of amniotic fluid. But don't worry, it's far more annoying to you than to baby. At the other end of things, the baby's first bowel movement is in the making. Meconium, the sticky greenish or dark first b.m. baby has, is mostly made up of things collected in his/her digestive tract during gestation. Your baby's organs are are developed and fully functional. However, the lungs and brain will continue to develop and grow after the child is born. You're probably curious what baby will look like, or who baby will take after. Baby might have a full head of long hair, or be a little fuzz ball when born. Those eyes however will most likely remain a mystery for awhile. Unless born with brown eyes, which will most likely remain brown, babies eye color can change up until nine months of age or so.

Pregnancy Symptoms You May Feel During Week 38

One of the final stages of getting ready for baby is probably occurring now. Leaky breasts are a sign your body is preparing to nurse your little one. That's not real or mature milk you're leaking however, but rather colostrum. Colostrum is thin and yellow and a pre-milk, rich in antibodies baby needs at birth. It will be a few days after the baby is born before your real milk comes in. For now, if the leaking is bothering you, go ahead and break out those nursing pads to protect your clothes from getting soggy. And get used to it. Breastfeeding means leaking breasts. Consider this great practice.

Visit With the Obstetrician

This week at your doctor's visit, take a notepad and ask the truly important questions.

  • When do I go to the hospital?
  • How long should a let contractions go on, how far apart?
  • What is a think my water broke?
  • Do I call or just come into get checked?
  • What kind of pain is more serious and requires immediate attention?
  • What circumstance would indicate an emergency and warrant a call to 911?
  • Is it bloody show or a placental abruption?

Find out how to handle different situations, where to go or who to call depending on the time of day or day of week, too. It'll put your mind at ease to know the right thing to do, and save time later.

Preparing for Baby

I know you might think, "Are you kidding??" but this is the time to decide on contraception. Ask anyone and they'll rattle off the names of a few mothers with a babies months apart. It happens. If you are breastfeeding you need to talk to your doctor with that in mind, and you will probably not be able to opt for any oral contraceptives in that case. Look at all of your options, along with your partner and the doctor. This is a doctor's visit your partner should be present at, as it will concern him pretty directly. Read up on the options, talk to your friends, and consider what has worked and hasn't worked for you in the past. You need to make the decision ideally before baby comes.

Pregnancy Lifestyle

Ah, it's about that time. Baby shower! Some women decide to wait until the baby is born to have the shower, that way you don't have a gender surprise, or tons of yellow and green outfits. Plus you have the advantage of showing off your little bundle. However, many moms like having the shower beforehand, to get things all set up and ready, washed and packed. Plus, you might not feel up to a shower for weeks after baby's arrival. If you have the party before the birth, take advantage and get to work on those thank you's. You certainly won't enjoy writing those while recovering from childbirth and adjusting to new parenthood. Having a baby registry is one way to cut down on all those returns to the store for the four identical highchairs.

Pregnancy Week 38 Comfort Meter

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Guest Mar 25, 2019 06:03:57 AM ET

Hi, I'm 37 weeks pregnant today and feeling absolutely fine. Preparing myself for normal delivery. I'm too afraid of having cesarean. Everything up until now has gone so smoothly and I'm still active and doing almost all household work. Just don't want to get into c section. My little one is growing day by day,just can't wait to see her!

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Eboni Aug 5, 2018 03:27:25 AM ET

I am 38:3 and my baby (two-three weeks ago) was measured at 6.6lbs. I am naturally thin and petite. Last week at my appointment the day before I turned 38weeks, I was informed that she might be more or less 6.6lbs and with me being so small in the pelvic area, I would need to be induced at 39 to save me from possibly having to get a caesarean. Currently though, I feel good, my back hurts a little but I don't feel like we're ready to be separated just yet, she and I. But she is getting bigger by the day. I just hope everything goes well and she comes out safely. Wish us the best!

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My name is pearl Jan 1, 2018 03:25:26 PM ET

I'm 38weeks. Now thank God I found my other mate who have the same problem I have. I'm having cramps on my cervix,feeling hungry but when I start to eat something I just lose my appetite, I used to wake up in the middle of the night very hungry. But now I can't wait to have my little angel. He is active but some other times I feel more uncomfortable because of pains on my lower belly.

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Alex Sep 20, 2016 09:08:50 AM ET

I'm 38 weeks in 2 days and I feel like my little one is going to rip through. When she moves it's beyond painful. I just feel like when getting out of bed My baby is going to just break my water and pop just by how hard her movements are down there.

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Dez Mar 5, 2015 05:18:21 PM ET

I'm 38 weeks today, and suddenly I woke up feeling better. The past 5 days I swear he's digging his way out down there. My cervix is soft, but not dilating, which makes me a little sad. He's been head down and in the ready position for nearly 3 months now. He wants out, and I want him out, but my body is saying not yet. At least I've had a smooth pregnancy. But, I'm ready to see my little Spartan baby Daniel!

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portia Jan 23, 2015 04:09:03 PM ET

I am 37 weeks, and I feel terrible, but I'm so excited to meet my baby girl. I can't walk or turn into bed it's so painful, and I'm a bit afraid of labor. But I know I am strong. I can handle it with God on my side.

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shellane Jan 16, 2015 04:24:18 PM ET

I am 37+ weeks, and I have hypertension. I was admitted to the hospital for it on Mon, Jan 12th to wed Jan 14th. The doctor said in cases like mine when blood pressure is not going down, the baby has to be delivered at 38 weeks. So, I have to go back to the hospital on Mon Jan 19th to be admitted again. I'm just not sure if I'm going to have to have a C section, or get induced. I'm worried.

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Beaker Oct 28, 2014 11:26:49 AM ET

I'm 37 weeks and days pregnant with my second baby (a girl). I have just started my maternity leave, and Thank god for that! I'm so wiped out, and looking after a toddler too. I've had pains on and off now for about a fortnight, and lots of 'stretching' sensations. My son arrived at week 40, so I'm hoping my princess will hang on a wee while longer, but not go over due.

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Elizabeth Sep 30, 2014 04:21:06 PM ET

I'm 38 weeks and expecting our first child. A baby girl! We're really excited and blessed to get to full term due to the fact that I have a bicornuated uterus, which is a heart shaped uterus. She is only utilizing half of her little home. My doctor seems very calm about everything and has not checked my cervix yet to see if there is any progress. I've been having little cramps and back ache. I'm definitely not going into labor, but I think those are some signs. My doctor appointment is today and I'm going to demand he check my cervix. I'm not comfortable with how laid back he is, and it's too late to switch doctors.

kimberley Apr 12, 2015 02:41:55 AM ET

I have the same issue, now on to my second baby, i am 37 weeks. your doctor knows what there doing as long as they know you have a bicornuate uterus. mine is acting the same way but because he knows about my uterus and issues that follow i trust that he knows what's best for me and baby. your gonna have to trust him or her brevard because if not how's labor going to turn out and you might as well get a different doctor. it's okay to have some questions and fear but if possible take a deep breath and trust the dr.

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Kristina1994 May 3, 2014 09:48:17 PM ET

I'm currently 37 weeks 5/7, and still waiting on my baby girl to make her first appearance. I can't wait to finally have her in my arms

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