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emboss Sep 1, 2016 02:55:41 PM ET

Hi ladies, I literally have all of the above. Feel dreadful. This is my second baby and my first was a breeze! I was so ill it's ended up in a & e on Tuesday night they tested me for everything and was all ok. Thank goodness but, baby has crashed into my uterus while implanting and bruised my uterus! Apparently this is very common and could be causing some of the pain, along with normal pregnancy pains. My pregnancy hormones are also through the roof which I was told is good for baby. But makes mummy feel like poop! So I guess it's a good thing I feel horrible. Means baby is doing good Life's a funny one.

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paulina Aug 28, 2016 09:01:23 AM ET

I'm 9 weeks pregnant. I was sick, seeing clots and brown discharge, and small cramps. Then I go to the doctor, then she examined me, then told me that my cervix is closed and the baby is viable. Please help, I don't think I'm still carrying my baby.

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Khadija koudaya Aug 22, 2016 07:29:24 AM ET

I'm 9 weeks 2 days pregnant. Can u tell what I'm having right if it's a boy or girl in 9 weeks 2 days pregnant?

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Guest Aug 15, 2016 08:49:34 PM ET

Hi, everyone. I'm 9 weeks and 3 days pregnant and I'm always sick, tired and constantly having mood swings. Thank God the vomiting stopped but, I'm still nauseous and I hardly sleep. Help!

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kakaa Aug 5, 2016 08:22:39 AM ET

I'm 9 weeks and 5 days. But I'm so worried because I started dripping brownish blood and I'm so scared. Please help me!

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Georgia Mar 11, 2015 09:29:02 AM ET

I am 8 weeks and 5 days pregnant, I can hardly keep my eyes open at work, and I always feel sort of sea sick. This is my first child, and I am hating the nausea. Any advice on how I can keep awake?

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Sierra Pino Mar 9, 2015 09:48:50 PM ET

Why does my urine stink? I'm 9 weeks and 4 days pregnant.

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lily Mar 6, 2015 12:20:37 PM ET

I'm 9 weeks pregnant my 4th child. I've had terrible heartburn since the 2nd week. This never happened in my previous pregnancy. I'm scared this could harm my baby.

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Shana Mar 4, 2015 10:55:03 AM ET

I'm 9 weeks and 2 days pregnant and I feel like crap! I'm tired all the time, sick, can only stomach certain foods, restless at night, constipated, bloated and the list goes on. It's my third child and I had none of these problems with my first two. It has been 6 years since my last though. Maybe because I was younger back then?

Jennifer Nov 9, 2016 08:18:51 PM ET

Hey, what a coincidence. i'm 9 weeks 3 days and this is my 3rd child, 6 years later. only thing is i haven't experienced any morning sickness as of yet. whenever i do feel nauseated i just eat. try snacking a bit in between meals, it prevents me from vomiting. any type of crackers, or fruits, or candies also really help. good luck!

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mehreen Feb 24, 2015 06:06:58 PM ET

Hi girls. I'm too 9 weeks pregnant, and it's my 2nd child. I feel tired all the time with mood swings. :-(

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