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Guest Aug 6, 2014 12:32:30 PM ET

My last period was June 12, 2014, and I am 27 days late. I took a test last week, but it was negative. Could I be pregnant? X

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Guest Aug 5, 2014 05:23:19 PM ET

Hi. My last period was 9, July, on average of 29 day cycle, and had unprotected sex on the 17th, 21st and 24th. For the last 8/9 days I've been feeling sick, lower back pain and cramps down below. Could I be pregnant?

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Guest Aug 2, 2014 12:58:05 PM ET

My period started June 29th and ended on July 2nd. Until now I don't have a period and something happened between me and my bf in between July 18-22. Is it possible for me to be pregnant?

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Guest Aug 1, 2014 11:27:18 AM ET

My last period was on 19th June 2014. I ovulated on 4th Jul '14. I got my period on 16th July '14, just 4 days before my usual period day (i.e) 20th July'14. Is that implantation bleeding or an earlier regular period. I got a negative pregnancy test until today.

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sowji Jul 30, 2014 05:02:48 PM ET

I had a 4 days late period. I also noticed dizzying, nausea, tender breasts, and tiredness. But, I am regular every time. On day 16 of my cycle, I had a heavy cramping in my lower abdomen, and had light bleeding following a normal period type bleed for next 2 days. But, still I am feeling little cramping, back and legs ache, morning sickness, tiredness, feeling heavy breast, frequent urination too, the same as I noticed before bleeding. Also, I am experiencing heavy pain while sitting at lower abdomen. So am I pregnant? Should I do home pregnancy test?

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Guest Jul 28, 2014 03:47:15 AM ET

My last period started on June 27, 2014. Me and my boyfriend had sex before that. It is now July 27, 2014. Could I be pregnant? I was just recently put on Amoxicillin. Could the new medicine make my period late? I had my period after we had sex, but now this month I am late??

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Guest Jul 26, 2014 10:04:18 PM ET

I'm 5 days late. I was due for my period on the 21st, if I calculated right. My LMP was on June 19th. On the 16th or 17th, I had slight spotting. A few days, before I felt nauseous, but for only a day. Since then (after the spotting), I've been having cramps in my abdomen, on my side, also in the vagina. I have been peeing frequently, but not lately. My boobs/nipples itch. I took a HPT on the 23rd, it was very faint, then today it was negative. I'm not sure if the first one was evap. or not. Can someone help?!!

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Guest Jul 17, 2014 05:44:51 AM ET

My LMP was on May 15th. I had sex on the 24th, had ovulation on the 30th, and bled from June 10-14. In July, on the 16th, I spotted a little blood.

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Guest Jul 11, 2014 03:19:39 PM ET

I had sex on May 16th, and had my period from June 1 through the 6th. I found out I was pregnant July 3rd. I don't know how far along I am, or when I conceived. Help!?

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Guest Jul 8, 2014 01:37:36 AM ET

My last period was June 9. I got it for 7 days, and I ovulated on the 23rd of June and had sex that day. I took a pregnancy test today, July 7, and it came out negative. Could I still be pregnant?

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